Rural Croatia hiking vacation

“Walk Croatia's well-posted national park trails as you encounter karst canyons, ancient monasteries, emerald lakes and breath-taking views over Gorski Kotar and the Adriatic. ”


Risnjak National Park | Crni lug to Big Risnjak | Schlossers mountain hut | North Velebit National Park | Plitvice Lakes National Park | Paklenica National Park | Velika Paklenica and Mala Paklenica canyons | Borisov Dom mountain hut | Krka River National Park | Visovac Island | Skradin old town | Skradinski Buk waterfall |

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Responsible tourism

Responsible tourism: Rural Croatia hiking vacation


We have chosen to include places to stay where there is much more opportunity for you to interact more fully with the local people, to practice your language and to minimise your carbon footprint. The village guesthouses and small hotels we stay in use predominantly local produce in the preparation of meals, reducing the food miles and carbon footprint associated with larger hotels.

We are walking through pristine national parks, showcasing beautiful forests, mountains and thriving wildlife. By hiring local walking guides, you will have plenty of information and practical advice on maintaining the local environment and ensuring no harm comes to the wildlife either directly or indirectly. We ask all our customers to respect the environment, and the education trails such as the Leska in Risnjak will help you to understand the intricacies of it. Litter, in particular, is damaging to the landscape and can injure animals so we encourage people to act responsibly.

As a company we employ responsible policies such as recycling paper, ink cartridges, glass and cardboard; we minimize the use of electricity and conducting the vast majority of our correspondence and promotion via the internet and email, minimizing the amount of paper used for our activities. We also compost waste in our company garden.


We only employ local guides and visit genuine and traditional artisans. By walking in the national parks you will encounter and support local people and their businesses as well as appreciating for yourself the rural way of life.

Accommodation on this vacation is in, primarily, family run, guest houses. The food is primarily sourced locally and a large number of dishes on the menus are home made. We only employ local guides as their expertise and local knowledge will enhance your experience and understanding of the historical context and the environmental impact of your visit.

You will, no doubt, read about the impact of the Balkan Wars of the mid 1990s; the countryside was devastated in this time as whole villages were destroyed and communities pulled apart along ethnic lines - because of this experience rural Croatia and more particularly, neighbouring Bosnia need a confident rural econmy to maintain their traditional way of life, which is, of course, so precious. Through our tours we aim to assist the local economies to thrive with the help of tourism whilst not losing the integrity of the community structures.

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