Costa Rica tour, Secrets of Costa Rica

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Responsible tourism

Responsible tourism: Costa Rica tour, Secrets of Costa Rica


We strive to reduce our impact on the areas where our customers travel to as much as possible. We respect wildlife, flora and fauna and encourage our customers to reduce the amount of plastic and other waste they produce (refilling water bottles especially), to dispose of waste properly, to be considerate of other visitors and to leave what they find – we teach them to not remove / damage any cultural or historic structures or artefacts including rocks, native plants and other natural objects.

When staying in hotels, we also encourage our customers to avoid having sheets and towels changed daily, to turn off lights, air conditioners/heaters, and televisions when they are out and to take shorter showers. We have a recycling programme so that customers can leave any cans, bottles and paper with their driver and ask them to take it to the recycle centre.

We are the official travel partner of ArBolivia Project, an initiative founded by The Cochabamba Project, in conjunction with approximately 1,000 smallholder families, that focuses on reforestation and sustainable land use within the tropical regions of Bolivia.


We encourage visitors to learn a few simple words and phrases of Spanish before their visit. Even the simplest words and phrases will go a long way in allowing them to interact with the local people. And, no matter how little they know, it's always appreciated.

We also encourage visitors whilst in country to buy locally produced products and services. We strive to offer this already within our itineraries but if in doubt customers can ask our office or their guides & drivers for more information on the services being provided and/or to direct them to locally owned businesses and cooperatives.

We help our visitors to learn something about the culture, history, politics, and geography of the places they’ll be visiting. Most importantly, they will learn how to be a good guest in the country or culture they are visiting. They can ask their guide or driver about culturally accepted behaviours and will be encouraged to be open to different ways of thinking, living, and working. We strongly believe that accepting the differences in cultures is a key part of the travel experience.

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