Lesvos birdwatching vacation in Greece

650 excluding flights
5 Days
Tailor made
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Includes stay in 3* accommodation in Kalloni, expert birding guide to accompany you, breakfast and dinner, all land transfers, airport transfers on 1st and last day, We can arrange your custom itinerary!
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Description of Lesvos birdwatching vacation in Greece

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650 excluding flights
Includes stay in 3* accommodation in Kalloni, expert birding guide to accompany you, breakfast and dinner, all land transfers, airport transfers on 1st and last day, We can arrange your custom itinerary!
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This trip can be tailor made throughout the year to suit your requirements

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Responsible Travel

As the pioneers of responsible tourism, we've screened this (and every) vacation so that you can travel knowing it will help support the places and people that you visit, and the planet. Read how below.


This trip is all about observing nature! It proves that tourism can be a significantly important tool for conservation, by respecting wildlife and biodiversity in every possible way! Specifically:
* Wildlife species are not harvested, consumed, displayed, sold, or traded.
* No captive wildlife is held.
* The trip supports and contributes to biodiversity conservation, including natural protected areas and areas of high biodiversity value.
* Interactions with wildlife, considering cumulative impacts, do not produce adverse effects on the viability and behaviour of populations in the wild. Any disturbance of natural ecosystems is minimized.
* Information about and interpretation of the natural surroundings is provided to travelers, as well as explaining appropriate behaviour while visiting natural areas.
In order to keep our environmental impact as low as possible we use group transportation (minibus), walks are included too.

This is a trip to Lesvos Island, where we visit Nature 2000 area’s and Important Bird Area’s. Unlike many other protected areas in Greece the area’s are protected in an adequate manner and illegal activities that harm the environment are limited. This has to do with the fact that it became a famous eco-destination. Locals respect the wildlife more and understand it brings in money.

During this vacation you stay in 1 spot in a centrally located hotel, in the Centre of the island. This way we limit the mileage.

A lot of the birding takes place in the vicinity of your hotel.

The necessary transfers are group transfers, in a car or minivan.

The food is mainly locally sourced, seasonal and fresh. Olive oil produced on the island. Plenty of vegan, vegetarian options available whereas most of the food comes from the hotel owners organic farm.

Your guide is a local, thus reducing his/her need to travel.

We suggest prolonging and facilitate the option to prolong your stay. Flying less often and instead prolonging your stay helps to reduce the CO2 emissions.


We are 100% local and a Greek based tour operator, thus preventing "leakage" from the local economy. One of our core values is to celebrate a diversity of place & culture whilst delivering you rich and authentic experiences at an affordable price. You will visit an area that is hard hit by migration influx. Ever since 2015 tourism numbers have dropped as a result, whereas there is no reason. It remains a safe and wonderful destination. The local economy has been hit this phenomenon, coupled with the decade-long economic crisis of Greece.
You support the community in the following ways:
* Information about and interpretation of the local culture, and cultural heritage is provided to travelers.
* Local services and goods are purchased and offered, following fair-trade principles.
* your expert bird guide is a local, from the island
* Supporting local small entrepreneurs to develop and sell sustainable products that are based on the area’s nature, history and culture (including food and beverages, crafts, performance arts, agricultural products, etc.).
* Purchasing policies favour locally appropriate and ecologically sustainable products, including, food, beverages and consumables. Most of the food offered in the hotel’s restaurant is locally sourced. From the adjacent owner’s organic farm!
* The hotel is a small family-run accommodation.

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