Patagonia 10 day tour, Torres to Ushuaia

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Responsible tourism

Responsible tourism: Patagonia 10 day tour, Torres to Ushuaia


Patagonia is a remote, expansive region with many stunning National Parks to visit and trek through. This tour uses small, locally-operated minivans into these national parks to conserve the roads and to minimise pollution. Using local vehicles also supports the local businesses and communities. Our tour leaders encourage passengers to behave in an eco-friendly manner at all times by briefing them on responsible travel practices and ensuring that waste is kept on the vehicle. There are many educational excursions and activities offered on this tour that promote environmental awareness and also give passengers the opportunity to learn more about the surrounding environment. Working in partnership with international conservation charity World Land Trust in our continuing quest to establish and maintain our position as a leader in responsible travel, we are offering a new way for our travelers to make a real contribution to the health of the planet - the Carbon Offset Scheme. When you book your tour with us you will be able to offset a portion of your share of the carbon emissions created while you are on your tour. We will calculate what clients have donated, and donate an additional 10% of the total to World Land Trust. Your contributions will be made directly to World Land Trust and we will not receive any direct financial benefit or commission from these donations.


The tour employs educated local guides for many excursions in order to support the local community. The guides are chosen for their detailed knowledge about the history of the region, as well as their dedication to promoting environmental, cultural and historical awareness in this area through their spiels and passion for their homelands. They encourage passengers to behave in an eco-friendly manner at all times.

We offer an extensive range of pre-departure documentation which includes responsible travel tips, maps, regional advice and detailed itineraries, and we send this out to our passengers well before their departure to ensure that when they travel they are socially conscious and respectful of their surrounding environments - both during our tours and before/after.

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