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Responsible tourism

Responsible tourism: Croatia fly drive vacation


Croatia is a country where 'green' policies and principles are not exactly buzz words so it's all about the little things adding up to slowly start to make a difference. We are always talking to our local ground agents about the importance of stressing to clients the importance of basic responsible principles such as appropriate waste disposal, not to waste water, turning off lights on leaving the room in hotels, not replacing towels and bedding daily etc.
Our local agents are also keen to stress to visitors the importance of not straying from marked trails at historic sites, an important step towards maintaining the sites for future generations. Our fly-drives use a modern fleet of vehicles with low emissions.

As a company we have introduced responsible practices in our UK office including paper, cardboard, aluminium and plastic recycling. We also support local UK charities including the RNIB and various charities around the world. 50% of our office staff use public transport (bus and train) and cycle to work. Management encourages this with their introduction of the cycle to work scheme which offers subsidised cycle ownership.


The hotels used on this fly-drive are, wherever possible, locally owned and run. This fly-drive is designed to not only visit the more popular locations in the country but also to take visitors off the beaten track. This helps provide visitors with a more unique experience but those communities with an important extra source of income. In some rural destinations many of the hotels are the main source of employment and income for the local community.
We pay our local office staff a fair wage and we also provide visitors with information on optional excursions in Croatia which can be booked with local guides paying them a fair wage for their expertise. We also encourage visitors to eat in local restaurants and shop locally for souvenirs. We emphasise the natural beauty and purity of the Croatian countryside, stressing the importance of treating both the countryside and the locals with respect.

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