Oman tour, Sultan adventure

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Responsible tourism

Responsible tourism: Oman tour, Sultan adventure


We include hotels that are involved with turtle conservation projects along the coastline and ensure our guides are well trained in directing tourists responsibly in sensitive environments. Tourists are educated about turtle conservation and how to be better tourists for the preservation of the marine environment including avoiding nesting sites and the correct disposal of litter.

Our pre-departure guidance also provides tips how they can be more positive on the environment on their trip. Throughout, wadis are used as natural swimming holes rather than chemically cleaned pools which also use precious water resources. Hotels selected adopt environmentally responsible management including recycling waste and the use of renewable solar energy for hot water and electricity.

We use traditional Wadi camps in the desert which have are non-permanent and low impact using traditional, reusable materials for overnight accommodation. Our partners and hotels select the use of local food suppliers to reduce food mileage and organic where possible.


We employ local communities in the desert Wadi's to preserve and showcase traditional food and lifestyles. We ensure tourists visit genuine local markets rather than souvenir shops to ensure money is directed to local people and provides them with livelihood from handicraft and food selling to visitors.

We provide advice to travelers on how to be a more positive and responsible travel prior to departure. We use suppliers that purchase food supplies from local producers and employ local people fairly. In Al Hamra village women demonstrate old practices such as milling, coloring, cooking and more giving opportunities to woman and rural communities to establish a livelihood from tourism.

On Day 5, travelers visit a fishing town which is preserving the skill of making traditional Dhow fishing boats, partly maintained through the tourism industry. On Day 6 you shall experience a desert camp with genuine desert communities, demonstrating their lifestyle and allowing them to both preserve and highlight their unique way of life through sustainable tourism.

You shall have the opportunity to taste local food and hear stories and enjoy entertainment as has been done for hundreds of years. UNESCO sites are visited to ensure the preservation of cultural significant sites through tourism.

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