Rural Portugal vacation, hiking the Vicenta Coast

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Responsible tourism

Responsible tourism: Rural Portugal vacation, hiking the Vicenta Coast


We have selected small family owned hotels and bed and breakfast locations with an sustainability approach where possible. Lodging provides recycling facilities to reduce waste, uses local and organic food, plus renewable energy for hot water and electricity.

The itinerary focuses on walking the coastline and remote villages, which is a low impact way of enjoying the scenery and not disturbing wildlife or having permanent negative impacts.Travelers are instructed to use trails to avoid erosion and to carry any waste away with them for correct disposal.

We explore less crowded beaches to avoid over saturation of beach sites does not harm the environment through overwhelming of services such as litter collection and the permanent damage of the beach ecosystem through excessive footfall. Cork forests are highlighted along the walking trails to educate tourists about the threats they face and how ecotourism can help preserve the habitat and their wildlife, including the endangered Iberian Lynx.


We promote rural tourism through walking more remote parts of the coastline in order to provide job opportunities and genuine cultural exchange including local guides, entrepreneurial opportunities with family owned businesses such as restaurants, cafes, and market stalls.

We encourage travelers to purchase artisan products to support local traditions and skills, plus ensure money is directed to local people. We support local businesses and small hotel/lodge owners to help support the local economy and opportunities in rural areas.

Our coastal walks pass through important birding areas, important for the appreciation and education of tourists about wildlife conservation on the coastline and ensuring economic motivation for their preservation through ecotourism. We also pass through the ancient cork forests, which are under threat from alternative land use pressures, offering cork harvesters additional opportunities for economic income through tourism helping to preserve these unique habitats and the wildlife they support, including the Iberian Lynx. We pass through fishing villages allowing travelers to purchase products directly from markets and offering diversified income for a struggling livelihood.

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