Norway fjord adventure vacation

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Departure information

Flexible departures between 15 May – 25 August

Responsible tourism

Responsible tourism: Norway fjord adventure vacation


The itinerary promotes ecotourism adventures which are do not harm the environment including white water rafting and cycling. These are low carbon emission tourism activities without the use of a combustion engine. We additionally use train travel as a key feature of the itinerary experience, which is a more environmentally friendly method of travel.

Our hotels and lodges selected make an proactive effort to be environmentally friendly adopting practices that lead to lower waster, recycling, and efficient water use.

Cycling routes are used to avoid erosion in natural, unspoilt landscapes and avoid disturbing wildlife. UNESCO sites are visited to ensure sites are financially sustainable and education provided to travelers through visits. Clients are provided with tips before departure about how they can be more environmentally positive travelers. Travelers are encourage to visit local markets to purchase local products from artisans and family owned businesses to reduce carbon footprint of products being imported and transported from further afield.


We promote the use of family owned hotels and lodging to ensure that money remains in the local economy and both clients and hosts have an immersive cultural exchange. We promote local crafts and purchasing products from local artisans.

We provide a pre-departure pack which details how to be a more responsible traveler and ensure your visit is positive for local people. Our guides encourage travelers to visit local fish and flower markets to see see local lifestyles and every day life whist giving the opportunity to purchase products directly from producers.

Clients learn how local people use the natural landscapes as a source of living including fisherman and how eco-concious the Norweigan culture is. A guided visit to a glacier provides an opportunity to highlight how Norway's environment is affected by climate change and how local communities and the government is working on mitigation and adaptation measures to climate change.

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