Mallorca family vacation for teenagers

“Take your teens to Mallorca for a week of outdoor activities starting from the hotel pool. Meet other families and have fun in the sun, close to the coast. ”


Hotel with swimming pool | Badia de Pollenca beaches | Visit Alcudia | Sea kayaking on calm water | 15 or 26km bike rides | SUP in the Med | Climbing and zip lining | Check out Palma or take a boat trip on your free day | Guided canyoning |

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Responsible tourism

Responsible tourism: Mallorca family vacation for teenagers


We want our descendants to enjoy unspoiled nature as we do today. So we do our daily best, to make our movements, with little or no impact on the environment.

We respect the ideas of responsible tourism. Our 3 star run hotel re-cycles paper and glass and is also attached to a local biological waste water filter. We use saving light bulbs. We use locally sourced organic food in most of our daily menus.

Our hotel and the tourist board continuously organize cleaning of the nearby beach and coastal stretch. The owner of the hotel is also very active with the local tourist board. In these activities we include our partners, school children, fishing club, firemen, and the local residents. They educate children in elementary school on the importance of saving the environment.

We have held a number of workshops in our hotel regarding the environment and sustainable tourism development. Every year together with our partners we organize cleaning action for the canyoning, trekking and biking paths.

Whilst in nature with our guests our guides take special care not to spoil the pure nature. Besides the professional training our guides are trained to educate the guests on responsible tourism in the local area as well as brief them before every trip to nature. We limit the number of guests on our programs.


We offer employment and jobs to the local people and open possibilities for many small entrepreneurs. We have contributed to employment of young people in the tourism sector as well as engage them in sports and help minimise the trend of them leaving to the big cities.

Exchange of cultural heritage enriches us and our guests for new experiences. We treat our guests as friends. We become family on our programs; we eat together at a big table. The group remains in contact with us and among themselves after the leave. Laughter and friendship are traits of our program.

Both the hotel and our adventure company are family owned. The business employs the local people and the whole family. The company has a huge impact on the local community. Our guests spend and buy in a way that helps the local economy. Our restaurant nurtures authentic gastronomy and uses small local producers for its suppliers (meat, vegetables, fruit, and food cereals) with special emphasis on naturally grown and native sorts. This way we foster authentic food production and offer healthy food.

All of our Adventure programs include local suppliers (guides, skippers, drivers and local guest houses services, museums, and an archaeological sight) this way we encourage local people to pursue tourism as a new possibility for them. In constructing and maintaining the hotel we have used local furniture manufactures, construction companies, and suppliers and some of the suppliers for the equipment on our adventure programs also have production in Majorca.

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