Eifel hiking and culinary tour in Germany

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Responsible tourism

Responsible tourism: Eifel hiking and culinary tour in Germany


This is a hiking trip so the majority of travel will be done on foot - a low carbon and environmentally friendly way to discover a destination. Walking routes are mapped out and details provided to each guest helping to prevent erosion of fragile areas.

The tour is situated in the Nature- and Geopark Vulkaneifel a UNESCO Global Geopark. A geopark is a territory with a unique landscape, special fossil or mineral discoveries or important geological formations. Designation as a geopark is intended to preserve the geological heritage of a region, to increase the understanding of this heritage among locals and visitors, and to promote tourism and sustainable regional development.

In 2013 the Eifel won a special award for protecting the biodiversity and integrating protection measures into tourism activities.


On your discovery of the hiking and culinary delights of Eifelsteig, all accommodation is family-owned and local personnel is employed. As such, we endeavour to create great long-lasting relationships with the local community.

There is an emphasis on local produce and food on this trip. This showcases the best seasonal produce of the area whilst also cutting down the air miles of food transportation. This means guests not only taste the beautiful food of Eifelsteig but means local farmers and business owners also benefit.

Inhabitants are integrated in the planning of new hiking or cycling trails and this is important. This creates a more cohesive community and one that is driven to share the benefits of tourism to our region. If needed, these trails can be designed to impact certain areas. Using local knowledge is not only respectful but also logical!

Photo Dominik Ketz

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