Laos 13 day tour, elephants & colonial cities

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Responsible tourism

Responsible tourism: Laos 13 day tour, elephants & colonial cities


The itinerary uses local transportation to not only show you more of the local way of life, but also to be more sustainable.

In Luang Prabang they heavily promote the Living Land project, which engages tourists in participating in local agricultural practices. Our tour guides are also trained to explain ways in which our visitors can reduce their environmental impact in this country; for example, by taking a bag with them when shopping, and not accepting plastic bags.

In Luang Prabang in particular, the majority of the hotels we use are small and focus on sustainability and green principals. For example, not having swimming pools, employing local people, and sourcing food locally.

Our local partner has achieved the Travelife accreditation for 3 of their destinations and are in process to obtaining it for their trips and offices in Laos. They share our values when it comes to maintaining the environment, from recycling in the office to ensuring the local flora and fauna is maintained during the trips they offer through training for their guides and hiring local people to run tours who know the area and the unique habitats and wildlife, they in turn can pass this knowledge on to our customers ensuring the area is treated with the most respect.

Meanwhile at our office in sunny Brighton we are keen recyclers and have worked hard towards closed-loop recycling. We buy our paper from the same people who recycle our used paper, making for a happier planet. Since we offer our staff a free healthy lunch every working day, we also collect all our food waste for composting so that it doesn’t end up in landfill.


We are proud to support Lone Buffalo in Phonsovan, Laos. The foundation offers free tuition in English, football and creative skills for the towns’ young people. They create a unique environment in which boys and girls can study English, develop personal skills, build self-confidence and enjoy sport together. Most of the students are from relatively poor backgrounds but through the foundation are given the same chance as other young people to develop English skills and benefit from the opportunities that will arise as Laos develops.

We use small, family-run accommodation wherever possible as opposed to using big chain hotels. We and our local partner believe in promoting local economies, developing the local human resource pool, choosing suppliers who strive towards sustainable practices, and working to ensure that the poor are included in the tourism value chain.

We also offer regular chances to stop at small shops, stands and stalls during this itinerary where you can buy snacks and drinks from the locals. During this itinerary, we use English-speaking guides employed from the local area, helping to provide jobs in all the areas that we visit. We also use minibus transfers in this itinerary and this also secures jobs for many drivers.

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