Ecuador vacation, Huaorani Amazon lodge & hiking

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Responsible tourism

Responsible tourism: Ecuador vacation, Huaorani Amazon lodge & hiking


Staying with the Huaorani people, one of the most remote Amazonian cultures on earth is a life changing experience. When you visit here, an indigenous leader will also tell you about the tribe’s fight against oil exploration and logging. Each Eco lodge is made from local wood and natural palm-thatched cabins. Biodegradable products are used and electricity is solar powered. A bio filter renders all waste products either recyclable or harmless before going into the river.
We encourage people to travel overland where possible (a fantastic experience in itself in South America for the views and sense of space you get)
We urge clients to focus their trip on a few places rather than trying to connect many destinations by flights.
Some of our suppliers have foundations or projects that benefit from the hotel/cruise boat or lodge that they operate and we prefer to use these where possible. We explain this to our clients and indeed it can be used as a big selling point throughout the trip planning process.


We actively support community based projects. For every Peru booking we will donate £10 to the Living Heart Foundation who have several excellent projects that reach out to the remote Andean regions where children often have poor nutrition and education.
In Ecuador, guests staying at the Huaroni Ecolodge have a direct positive effect on the local community. Local people welcome you on arrival and take you downstream in a shallow dugout canoe called a quilla. Local Huaorani guides take you on long nature hikes into the forest and teach you about setting traps, making fires without matches, build a jungle shelter, use a blowgun and learn hunting techniques. The main goal of this project is the preservation of traditional Huaorani practices to keep Huaorani culture alive and protect the rainforest. You will also visit the Bicultural Ecology Education project and learn how to harvest manioc, a Huaorani staple. You can visit the community’s handicraft market - buying these goods help the Huaorani maintain their culture and support the local families who make them.

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