Zanzibar beach vacation, Tanzania

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Responsible tourism

Responsible tourism: Zanzibar beach vacation, Tanzania


During this trip, the accommodation facilities that we use are environmentally friendly, such as Keys Hotels, Bristol Cottages and Park View Inn. As hotels can produce large quantities of waste which can end up in the surrounding environment, our tour organisation therefore takes action to protect the environment in Tanzania. These accommodations have systems that minimise the waste at water sources as well as recycling them.

We select hotels that encourage the use of “green” products and provide services that are both satisfying to our clients and products that are biodegradable, recyclable, non-toxic and less processed material. Their use in the context of a hotel leads to reduced water and energy consumption.

For tourists who like game fishing we can take them to the areas where there are many fish. For example, on the 3rd day of the itinerary we take guests to Kizimkazi. Whilst here, our guests are led by tour guides who are very knowledgeable about the area and the different activities which take place there. It is very beautiful and an amazing place for tourists to do some game fishing or simply play in the water.

Getting the chance to see bottle-nose and humpback dolphins in the wild is an incredibly rewarding experience. We believe this to be the only way to interact with these beautiful creatures and we aim to not disrupt them. The fishing activity there only affects certain species of fish and tourists are advised to adopt a policy of ‘catch and release’ as this will contribute to maintaining the life cycle of fish. Guides make sure to give pre-information to our tourists before starting this tour.


In order to ensure the community benefits with the income generated in tourism we insist in using the local hotels and other local services. Using local hotels and other local services (transportation, guides, cooks, porters and housekeepers) will ensure that your money directly benefits local people such as families of porters, tour guides, owners and employees. We ensure that hotel facilities and transportation meet the standards to accommodate our clients and that our employees have good working conditions.

Throughout this trip, all the ingredients for meals are locally sourced (this includes the sea food that is sourced within Zanzibar- it is incredibly fresh!) As such we ensure that our tourists are provided with a well-balanced diet and clean water, whilst also contributing to the local economy.

Our team is made up of local guides who are professional and have adequate experience for the purpose of providing to our clients the best travel. Our staff are passionate for community development programmes which we share with our clients from all over the world. This gives them an opportunity to discover and make a difference by helping local ethnic minority people.

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