Kilimanjaro trek and national parks vacation, Tanzania

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Responsible tourism

Responsible tourism: Kilimanjaro trek and national parks vacation, Tanzania


Our company employs professional tour guides that have great experience in guiding tourists on safaris that do not damage the environment. They make sure on this trip that our activity does not alter the natural behaviour or disturb the daily life of the animals.

National park fees directly contribute to the conservation of the national parks we visit on this trip. Tanzania is a member of Convention for the International Treaty on Endangered Species (CITES), which protects more than 2,500 species of endangered animals and 340,000 species of endangered plants, prohibits the trafficking of animal skins, ivory, coral, shells and scales.

Whilst trekking Kilimanjaro, we provide our adventurers with local guides, local cooks and local porters that all have expertise in environmental protection. We ensure to protect the vegetation by only using established tracks. We leave what we find, so no taking of plants, rocks, archaeological artefacts, etc. We ensure that our guests dispose of waste in the responsible way by taking anything with them. Ecosystems, especially in Mount Kilimanjaro, are fragile and must be treated with extra care.

On the trek, travelers stay in a mixture of camps and hostels. We ensure to provide accommodation facilities that are environmental-friendly and that aim to minimise any negative effects on the environment. Some of the hostels used during the Kilimanjaro trekking trip are the Mandara hut, Kibo hut and Horombo hut.


Our company accommodates its customers in hotels, hostels and camp sites of high international standards and are owned by local people. By supporting accommodation facilities, tourism brings in revenue that directly impacts local community.

We further support these local communities that are surrounded by National parks by employing porters, tour guides and chefs directly from their communities. Our employees are well educated about tourism and we have discovered that our clients enjoy to be guided by the due to their knowledge.

We organise all our Mount Kilimanjaro trekking trips from scratch and, as mentioned, all of the trips are guided by local tour guides. These guides are professional and have lots of experience, plus they are registered with the association of tour guides.

By using local tour guides we bring additional income to them and to their families. For this trip we use tour guides who are originated from areas surrounding Mount Kilimanjaro. Furthermore on this trip, we use accommodation facilities which are locally owned for the purpose of ensuring the income generated benefits local economy at all.

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