Peru 10 day tour, Amazon Jungle and Incan heritage

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07 Aug 2017
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Responsible tourism

Responsible tourism: Peru 10 day tour, Amazon Jungle and Incan heritage


Peru exhibits a fascinating range of environments, both natural and urban, many of tremendous cultural value. Whether wandering through a rainforest pathway or the streets of Cusco, vacationmakers are made aware of the importance of their surroundings, and how to appreciate them responsibly. This is partly achieved by employing local guides who are experts on their respective environments. They take visitors on special, non-invasive routes, as when looking around Incan sites or taking part in activities near Refugio Amazonas.

Refugio Amazonas is a model of sustainable architecture and ecotouristic practices. Built from locally sourced materials like wood and bamboo, it offers simple facilities and largely uses natural light sources. As part of the Rainforest Expeditions group, it upholds their philosophy of responsible living in the rainforest. Nearby attractions like the Brazil nut trail and clay licks are painstakingly maintained and protected. In addition to conserving plants and animals in the area, the group also works with indigenous communities.


This vacation takes clients directly to the heart of local Peruvian communities from the very beginning. They will see how inhabitants of the Amazon rainforest farm crops and medicinal plants. In such a remote region, tourism plays a valuable financial and promotional role, bringing locals and international visitors together. This is also the case when vacationmakers meet the Patabamba Community – here, personally taking part in the textile production enables them to practically appreciate indigenous traditions.

Even before this, visitors are acquainted with the Peruvian guide community, helping them to keep their trade alive. We insist on working with guides from the area, keeping financial benefit in the area.

For many vacationmakers, Machu Picchu may serve as the most immediately relatable cultural symbol of Peru. For all its splendour, it is quite clear that the reputation of the Incan Empire cannot be simply confined to this one location. For this reason, we have included trips to sites like Ollantaytambo and Moray, allowing visitors to widen their understanding of the country’s heritage. This is crucial, given that they will then share this knowledge with those around them.

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