Sailing and golf vacation in Finland

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Responsible tourism

Responsible tourism: Sailing and golf vacation in Finland


Sailing is one of the most ecological formats of traveling. All the sailing boats in Finland do have a septic tank and no waste ends into the very sensitive water of the Baltic sea. The captain will brief the group about the archipelago nature. On this tour you will sail as much as possible!

The nature experience is an important part of golf. The objective of both the golf courts we have chosen for this product is to have as low impact on the environment as possible. The Εlands Golfklubb will apply for GEO certification.

At Kultaranta Resort all the buildings are heated by geothermal energy, there are ponds reserving natural water, which is only used for watering the court. They are using natural fertilizers for the grass in small portions in order to eliminate the risk of runoffs. Waste is sorted and circulated, which is a standard practice in Finland.


The golf court on the island of Aland is owned by the local members. The golf club has 8000 guest players yearly and alltogether 18 000 rounds are played. The second golf court on the mainland is owned by a private Finnish company. Both the courts are attracting visitors and creating working places for their local communities.

During the sailing trip we are using the services of three archipelago hotels bringing visitors in the outer archipelago outside the main vacation season and using the local services. We are buying fresh ingredients for lunch from the local service providers (=fresh fish directly from the fishermen and vegetables, fruits and berries from the farmers). Dinners are prepared by the archipelago hotels.

Our captain is a local entrepreneur from Helsinki and the whole tour is locally created and run. The tour can be connected to the tours in Lapland, which will create extra income to the other remote area.

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