Finland wild food vacation

“Discover how to pick and cook wild food in Finland as you stay in a wilderness lodge for 4 days and work as a small group to prepare a 3-course meal.”


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Responsible tourism

Responsible tourism: Finland wild food vacation


Finland has large forest areas, where very one is allowed to pick up herbs, berries and mushrooms. We also have thousands of lakes rich of fish. On this tour you will collect the ingredients of your dinner yourselves and prepare a 3-course meal together learning, how to use the unprocessed food directly from the nature.

Your guesthouse is located next to the Pyhahakki National Park known for its very old forest and swamp areas. On you berry and mushroom trips you will walk through this beautiful nature.

My promise is to teach our guests not only to value simple life, slow down and enjoy nature, not only by looking at but also using and conserving the healthy food it offers. As a bonus you will learn, what total silence means. The only noise comes from the nature itself.
As means of transportation from Helsinki to Viitasaari we are using a public bus.


The service provider is a wilderness lodge in the middle of large forest areas. By using these kinds of services we'll offer source of income to the people still living at the countryside trying to keep it live. In this case we only need one service provider but we try to take full advantage of their services. We are using their expertise, accommodation, catering, activities provided as well as sauna.

You will get to know your hostess Minna and host Pasi and will learn a lot about the local culture through them. You will hear, how they live fishing, hunting and using all kinds of wildfood. The log manor, where you will live, was built in the 19th century by botanista Alfred Oswald Kihlman, who planted different types of trees in order to find out, how they survived in our continental climate. You can still find there rare trees, for example Abies alba.

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