South America grand tour, Peru to Brazil

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Responsible tourism

Responsible tourism: South America grand tour, Peru to Brazil


On this tour we take our travelers to national parks, such as Torres del Paine in Chile, and other natural landmarks, but always stick to set paths in order to preserve natural habitats and leave animals undisturbed. We keep noise to a minimum, out of respect for the local fauna but also to provide a better experience, allowing travelers to enjoy the sights and sounds of nature in peace and quiet. Our guides ensure that travelers do not destroy wild flowers or plants, that they dispose of litter responsibly and provide advice on where to recycle when possible.

To reduce water consumption, travelers are taken to places where water bottles can be refilled hygienically. We also specifically select hotels with policies for reusing sheets and towels.

As a company, we are the official travel partner of ArBolivia Project, an initiative founded by The Cochabamba Project, in conjunction with approximately 1,000 smallholder families, that focuses on reforestation and sustainable land use within the tropical regions of Bolivia. Our project sponsorship programme guarantees a £60 donation for every person traveling with us.


On our tours we teach travelers about local culture and traditions. A little time spent explaining the unique customs of the region can avoid embarrassment and offence, as well as providing insight into the country. Our travelers are provided with notes with specific information on the cultural sensitivities of their destination. We recognise that it is the cultural differences that make tours abroad special.

We always try to ensure that as much of our travelers' money as possible stays in the local area by supporting community run and locally owned business. We encourage travelers to eat in locally owned restaurants and order local drinks and produce rather than requesting international brands. Our tours also encourage local community initiatives by visiting attractions such as handmade craft markets, where travelers can buy locally produced souvenirs.

We are careful to only recommend accommodations that have policies of employing local members of staff, to help support local economies and provide as much employment opportunity as possible. Our chosen guides and drivers are also employed locally in each destination.

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