Community volunteering projects, Ecuador and Peru

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Responsible tourism

Responsible tourism: Community volunteering projects, Ecuador and Peru


The health of our oceans, rivers and forests is crucial to our survival and wellbeing, yet unsustainable human activities are putting increasing pressure on our planet. As a company, we are constantly developing new and innovative solutions to tackle the challenges posed by climate change through exploration of sustainable ‘green’ options. Our environmental projects protect the environment and help people use the resources they need without compromising them for future generations.

As an organisation, we are carbon neutral. In Ecuador & Peru, we minimise the use of harmful substances such as pesticides, cleaning products and paints, substituting them for innocuous and environmentally friendly products. The use and disposal of chemicals is properly managed.

All of our South American camps are designed to minimise pollution from noise, light, run-off, erosion, ozone-damaging compounds and air and soil contaminants. We choose only environmentally friendly products for building materials, capital goods, food and consumables.

In addition, we encourage the principles of permaculture in our South America projects and we have developed a community tree nursery for all neighbouring communities in this region to provide fast- growing, sustainable wood.


All of the camp locations that you stay in during your programme are staffed by members of the surrounding communities. Our projects are ongoing and sustainable, allowing us to commit to permanent employment for locals.

We employ staff transparently, creating a diverse workforce in terms of gender, ethnicity, age and disability. We pay all our employees fairly and treat ethically, respecting International and/or national legal protection of employees. By working in areas where tourism is less established, we contribute to the even distribution of income and economic growth. Most of our fresh produce and project materials are source from sustainable, local supplies.

The community of Pinchollo sits on the edge of the mighty Colca Canyon at 3,600 metres above sea level. Due to its remoteness and relatively harsh environmental conditions, the community here is very poor. You’ll help by continuing many varied projects to improve the lives of this charming community.

The communities surrounding Lake Titicaca remain some of the poorest in Peru. The remoteness and inaccessibility of this region means that there is little or no help available from surrounding regions. You’ll help by continuing to build community facilities and a classroom for the villagers as well as restoring the school greenhouse.

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