Suffolk conservation vacation, Dunwich and Minsmere

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Responsible tourism

Responsible tourism: Suffolk conservation vacation, Dunwich and Minsmere


Wildlife: our vacations are unique in the UK as we seek to increase wildlife knowledge through research, and contribute to its conservation. Our work supports established wildlife management plans, and the work of our partner conservation organisations. From monitoring small mammal populations such as voles, shrews and wood mice work that supports the work of The Mammal Society - to conserving the habitats that support them alongside partners including Wildlife Trusts. From identifying and mapping invasive plant species a serious conservation issue in the UK - to working with conservation land managing organisations to control these and limit their negative impacts.

Suppliers: we celebrate local diversity with a special focus on good local produce. Our vacations are all-inclusive, and food is sourced from local shops and makers and through local cafes and restaurants. For accommodation we seek out interesting local places, usually locally owned and as close to our project sites as possible, reducing the impacts of travel and helping support the local economy.


The work we carry out on our wildlife conservation and research vacations directly benefits the local environment and the people and organisations that live and work in it, and you are able to contribute directly to that. Everyone is impacted by their environment, and the communities we work in are those who know and understand the local environment best.

Our vacations provide an experience that is unavailable through any other type of vacation allowing us to really get under the skin of how the local community functions, and how wildlife integrates with that. We meet the people who live and work in wildlife conservation and we don't shy from considering the wider issues around wildlife conservation in living landscapes.

We draw on local experts to provide guidance and support and our leaders, where possible, are local people who know and love the area and through their passion, insight and local knowledge, our vacations reach deep into the community.

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