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Responsible tourism

Responsible tourism: Bolivia small group vacations


On this tour, the majority of travel from place to place is carried out on public transport, minimising exhaust and noise pollution caused by private transport and helping to reduce traffic on Bolivia’s busy roads.

As a small tour operator we encourage our customers to follow the guidelines of our travelers’ code of conduct, where we emphasise waste management and local consumption at destination. Our local tour guides educate customers on behaving with environmental sensitivity, e.g. when you visit Lake Titicaca and its islands, not to drop litter or destroy plant life.

As we are aware of our environmental responsibility in all aspects of our business, we aim to utilise fewer printed marketing and communication materials, encouraging customers to order the online version of our brochure. The majority of our office waste is recycled and we minimise electricity usage wherever possible.

We encourage our staff to work remotely when possible, in order to reduce pollution from long commutes to work and unnecessary stress on local infrastructure.


Among a crumbling colonial legacy, Bolivia is striving to secure a more prosperous future while holding on the clothing, music, religions and even languages that are firmly rooted in the majority of its people whose ancestors pre-date the Spanish conquistadors, and this is something that we support through our carefully-designed tours.

At all times during this tour customers are accompanied by a guide who is employed locally. This ensures that our tours are generating employment opportunities within the communities that we visit. There is an emphasis on visiting important cultural sites so that customers understand the reality of the destination they are visiting and are sensitive to local way of life.

Where meals are included, we take customers to locally owned restaurants and food providers, such as Elena’s food stall in Copacabana, which use fresh produce grown and sourced within the surrounding region, to provide increased economic support to the local communities. We ensure that by traveling with us, you will be contributing to the local communities directly. Our community based experiences directly benefit local people as they are run by entrepreneurs within each community who work in partnership with local ground operators.

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