St Petersburg city break, Russia

“A superb small group tour of St. Petersburg, illuminating the architecture, history and culture of this beautiful city through a series of guided tours.”


St. Petersburg sightseeing | Guided tour of Hermitage State Museum | Tsarskoe Selo | Catherine Palace |

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Responsible tourism

Responsible tourism: St Petersburg city break, Russia


We aim to play a positive role in the communities where we operate and carefully manage the impact of our business environmentally. Providing a responsible trip to Russia is a vital part of our strategy. We are committed to the issues of diversity and creating a positive travel environment for our clients.

This tour includes a lot of walking routes, paths and river excursions along the Neva River which helps to minimize the risk of negative impact on the local environment, including bank erosion.

We encourage our customers to stay in local, family-owned hotels in St-Petersburg. For this particular tour we offer Dostoevskiy and Demetra hotels. Both hotels are located in fascinating buildings and were built decades ago. Hotel Dostoevskiy, built in 1837, is located in unique historical part of St-Petersburg. It was partly destroyed during World War II. Every year it requires significant investment and renovation. When staying in Dostoyevskiy, our customers help to keep this part of historical heritage in proper conditions. Demetra Art Hotel was built in 1913 and like many buildings was partly destroyed during World War II as well. These days Demetra hotel is officially in the list of historical heritage of Russia. Offering Demetra to our tourists help to keep the unique Russian inheritance. Both hotels operate green laundry practises and encourage guests to re-use towels if they are staying for a few nights in order to minimize water spending and negative impact on environment as a result.


Charity projects: our company and its employees take part in a multitude of fundraising activities supporting charities and other organisations. Together with charity organization “Da.Dobro!” we support local charities in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Armenia, Georgia, the United Kingdom and Finland, such as: Mosvolonter, Doroga v mir, Starost v radost, Svoboda jizni, Biuro Dobrih Del, Zhizn kak chudo, Young people for world without violence, Greenpeace, WWF. Together with Dadobro, we have huge plans for 2016 to promote protecting the community. We have a calendar of charity activities in 2016 which covers community and social responsibilities in our company. For example, "International day of supporting people with disabilities" (October, 2016), ""International Day of Friendship and social equity" (July, 2016) and many others.
All entrances fees to Saint-Petersburg museums are going to Ministry of Culture of Russian Federation. Last year Ministry of Culture distributed all revenue received from museum’s fees for charity trips organized for Russian children from unwealthy families. Thus, every traveler paying entrance fee, takes a part in the big charity projects organized by Ministry of Culture.

As we work with Russian DMCs and local suppliers only, as well as local guides, we ensure that revenue form our tours goes into the hands of local people. Local guides know the area very well and can point out the best restaurants to eat at, in addition to local producers.

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