Umbria accessible tour in Italy

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Responsible tourism

Responsible tourism: Umbria accessible tour in Italy


We identified our suppliers among the ones that have a concern for the environment, for example, with restaurants, we choose those that use local and/or organic products as much as possible, the so called “kilometer zero” (produced by local farms in the territory); those that care about recycling and are committed to reducing waste; that support the preservation of our landscape, with typical olive groves and vineyards.

The wines that are produced and served in restaurants are mostly DOC, DOCG and IGP that are linked to the territory, require specific planting densities, training systems and pruning systems that are traditional, land and plants are not over exploited, so that the environmental and cultivation conditions of the vineyards are those traditional for the area and capable of conveying the specific quality characteristics to the grapes and wines. The cellar chosen for the wine tasting is a small one, owned by the same family from 1896.

Furthemore, we support a local NGO that is working on EPGs, to create a direct link from local typical producers to citizens to sustain small local producers especially those in hills and mountainous areas amd those committed to organic production. We support the organization of tours to discover their productions and make citizen aware of the importance of maintaining local and traditional productions (no GMO), even if less productive than modern ones.


We, where possible, choose local owned hotels and services, we give information on typical restaurants and souvenir shops.

We also work with local guides who know their territory inside out and are committed to promoting the historic, artistic and cultural heritage of the territory and making people aware about Umbria cultural heritage.

We give to our clients a list of farmers’ markets: true open air food shops from the producer to the consumer, vegetables organically grown and “zero kilometers” far. Buying and tasting their products is a way to support small local producers that otherwise risk to disappear. Farmers’ markets in Umbria are part of a project called “ Campagna Amica” that identifies and safeguards Italian and certified farmers’ products. In these markets you can find women producing buffalo mozzarella and cheeses, farmers with fresh fruit and vegetables (there is also a cooperative that sells products grown in a jail by prisoners), producing and selling typical flours and beans and so on.

We support all of them buying their products and organizing, when possible, tasting of their products. Furthermore, we sustain a local NGO working on accessible tourism, and we helped them in developing several touristic cards, in Italian and English, with detailed architectural information on churches, museums, restaurants and hotels to make people able to decide by themselves if they are accessible for them.

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