Oman private tour, mountains and deserts

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Responsible tourism

Responsible tourism: Oman private tour, mountains and deserts


You'll visit a number of beautiful, fragile environments during your stay in Oman, from the Al Hajar Mountains to the Wahiba Sands. We ensure that we respect the environments we travel through, taking care to stick to established routes and tracks and to avoid the use of heavy vehicles and buses.

Water conservation is prioritised at all of the hotels/accommodations you'll stay at during your time in Oman, particularly in the local guesthouses and desert camps outside of the cities. We provide all travelers with guidelines on traveling green in Oman, paying particular attention to water use.

Your tour will see you visit the Ras al Jinz Turtle Sanctuary, a vital nesting ground for the green turtle. Ras al Jinz plays a crucial role in protecting this endangered species, which has suffered from both hunting and the loss of nesting beaches across the globe. Your visit will help support the Sanctuary.

Carbon offsetting We provide a monthly donation to the Carbon Neutral fund to partially offset the emissions generated by our business.


In Oman, our Mountains and Deserts expeditions embrace and work with the United Nations Connecting Cultures programme. This programme not only shows the participants the wonderful geography of Oman but also engages them in learning about the Arabic culture from a very positive standpoint. You will meet with local Omani people from the mountains and Bedouin in the desert to exchange views and stories about their different backgrounds.

During this tour, you'll visit remote parts of Oman such as the Hajar Mountains and Wahiba Sands, where you'll stay in locally owned guesthouses and camps. These include Omani House in Misfah an 11-bed family-run guesthouse and Safari Desert Camp a Bedouin-staffed desert camp in the Wahiba Sands. In doing so you are providing an income to the local communities you visit, many of which depend on tourism.

Traveling through the Al Hajar Mountains around Wadi Bani Awf and Misfah, there will be plenty of time to stop at village communities and gain further insight into the region's unique culture.

We employ local guides on your tour we do so to support the local communities you visit, but also because we know that local guides make the best guides, with a depth of knowledge on the region they call home.

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