Yoga and vegetarian cooking lessons in Umbria, Italy

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Responsible tourism

Responsible tourism: Yoga and vegetarian cooking lessons in Umbria, Italy


Our aim is to preserve nature the way it is, that's why our farm is totally organic, and has banned all kind of chemical products.

The products used for cleaning are all natural and don't affect the enviroment. We produce our own soap for the washing machine just out of natural ingredients, We produce our own electricity and hot water through solar energy, we compost all the leftover from food which makes it a great fertilizer for our vegetable garden.

Our dogs and cats also eat natural food rather than pet food, and they love it. All that nature provides is precious so nothing should be wasted, that's why we put reductors of water on all showers, and our lights in the garden turn off automatically. Most of the food that people waste can be converted in good food for our pets, or our sheep. We try to share this philosophy with our guests and it works!


Whatever we cannot grow, we get at the local market. We only buy regional products such as wine and beer. We only get eggs and meat from local suppliers and cheese is only bought directly from farmers.

We love taking tourists to local wineries and food farms, and organizing food and wine tastings for them. We supports small producers as they may find it difficult to compete with the industrial production, so they need extra help to survive.

We always prioritise these products which risk disappearing because they require too much work and production costs are high for products such as saffron and a few varieties of local beans.

All our guests are encouraged to attend the local market or the little shop, rather than go to the bigger supermarkets. We also invite them to go to those restaurants that share the same philosophy, and they make the effort, also because food there is better and healthier.

We always use products which we know can be found locally, if not we just change our plans, and cook something different!

All people working for us are employed locally, and actually this programme is also a way of helping a good yoga teacher to get by in such a small community.

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