Fogo Island luxury short break in Newfoundland, Canada

“A four day, tailor made trip to the extraordinary Fogo Island, a dream project in a dreamy Newfoundland location. Go find this land, new to many. You wonít regret it. ”


Gander | Fogo Island, Newfoundland and Labrador | Farewell | Superb island cuisine | Spectacular, Atlantic views | Outdoor activities led by community expert guides | Open all year round

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Responsible tourism

Responsible tourism: Fogo Island luxury short break in Newfoundland, Canada


We always take into account the environment credentials when choosing the vacation destination, activities and accommodation. At the Inn, the deep commitment to local produce and environment can be seen in everything they do. They invest in all local products and suppliers, as well as, consistently meet the requirements of local environmental laws and recommendations. The purchases are only made from companies and products which follow basic environmental protection laws and labour standards.

The primary objectives of the Inn are to maintain responsible, energy efficient, and ecologically-minded design, construction, and ongoing operation. The buildingís architecture and operational systems provide unparalleled environmental quality within a luxury setting, while ensuring the highest levels of energy efficiency and resource conservation. To lower the water consumption, rainwater from the roof is collected and subsequently filtered for use in toilets, laundry, and kitchen appliances. For saving energy, the innís wood-fired boilers and solar thermal panels are used for the in-floor radiant heating and the laundry and kitchen equipment.

Not only protecting the land, we are continuously seeking new ways of protecting the Islandís oceans, while protecting the livelihoods of the people in the Island whose culture is linked to the sea.

Fogo Islanders highlight making products by hand, recycling, and finding local solutions to all manner of challenges. The Inn has kept up with this handmade tradition by having nearly all furniture and furnishing designed and created on Fogo Island. Designers worked side-by-side with local craftspeople to create furniture and furnishings, weaving the new from the fabric of the old.


The Inn was founded as Shorefast Foundationís initiative to support economic and cultural sustainability on Fogo Island. Starting with Fogo Island, the goal of this foundation is to make a meaningful contribution to the continued cultural, economic and social resiliency of small communities. Thus Fogo Island Inn luxury retreat belongs entirely to the community itself.

The money guests spend at the Inn directly contributes to the well-being of the Fogo Islandís communities. The Inn uses local suppliers in their restaurant and everyday business but also the locality can be seen in their building and architecture. The furniture within the Inn is primarily handcrafted and produced on Fogo Island, employing local artisans and makers, as well as, contributing to the promotion of economic resilience for one of Canadaís oldest communities.

The restaurant at the Inn serves local food, benefitting the local growers and fishers and exploring the Innís surroundings in search of the perfect garnish for their culinary creations. Everything coming out of the Innís kitchen is homemade.

Activities on the Island extend to a range of indoor and outdoor cultural, marine, natural, and artistic forays. Staying here provides you an opportunity for Island orientation with local community hosts who are passionate, lifelong Fogo Islanders and pleased to offer their insights into the Fogo Islandís natural and cultural heritage.

The Inn and the shop invented the practice of economic nutrition labelling as well. It shows how your purchase impacts the broader global economy by detailing how the money you spend is distributed.

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