Finnish Lapland winter vacation, husky safari

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Responsible tourism

Responsible tourism: Finnish Lapland winter vacation, husky safari


This husky safari vacation is all about getting back to basics and appreciating the natural environment of Finnish Lapland.

Clients will be taken on specially selected dog sledding trails around Lake Inari, which allow them to see the area without causing damage. There is a strict reliance on natural sources of energy like firewood, as is used during the outdoor lunches and when heating the cabin saunas. The cabins are based in an area with little-to-no light pollution, helping visitors to develop a genuine sense of appreciation for the land and skyscapes of Northern Finland.

‘Responsibility’ is a word which is especially central to this vacation. In a contrast to the usual practice of taking the lead in showing vacationmakers around, this vacation places a greater level of responsibility on the vacationmakers themselves. They will be in charge of their dogsled and pack of huskies. They will be expected to help with day-to-day tasks like collecting water from a frozen lake, heating a traditional sauna, and cooking. They will also have to tidy up the cabin and leave outdoor lunch sites unspoilt. This instils a sense of personal and team-based sufficiency which, at all times, has the safety of the surrounding environment in mind.


This vacation is run through a dedicated family-run company. It, therefore, benefits a smaller local business – one that places a high emphasis on providing authentic Finnish hospitality for its visitors. It must be pointed out that the benefit of this extends far beyond the period of visiting. Vacationmakers build a realistic understanding of everyday Finnish life and culture, rather than going home with memories of corporate hotels alone.

Given the insistence on clients providing a helping hand during the overnight husky safari, a sense of team spirit is developed and sustained on this vacation. Considering the small group sizes and the fact that clients can come from all around the world, this creates scope for building close links between international communities.

The way in which this vacation develops connections between human and canine ‘communities’ (if that word may be used in reference to the latter!) should not be ignored. The sense of teamwork and comradeship that is formed between humans and huskies is both heart-warming and inspiring. Visitors quickly come to appreciate why huskies play such a central role in Finnish life and see in little time why these incredible animals are regarded as far more than mere pets.

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