Belize luxury nature vacation

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Responsible tourism

Responsible tourism: Belize luxury nature vacation


Despite its size, Belize is progressive when it comes to eco-tourism with a huge amount of land dedicated to reserves, parks and protected-areas. The country is leading community-based tourism projects to support traditional communities in rural settings. Visitors play a crucial role in the sustainability of this environment and support the regions and projects by visiting parks, reserves and protected cultural sites.

-Local guides in Ambergris Caye will take guests snorkelling and diving and ensure they are informed about keeping the reefs untouched and the wildlife undisturbed. They also learn about how they can help to preserve the area.

- Guests go on guided walks and hikes with local guides along with kayaking, river cruises, nature waves to caves, and Mayan ruins. They are educated about the local flora, fauna and wildlife and how they can help in its preservation. Guides ensure visitors leave the area untouched and inform guests of the local issues of the areas.

- We use lodges that employ ethical and responsible practices, with a small footprint and an emphasis on educating guests about the surrounding environment. This improves awareness and individual responsibility. Our lodges and hotels are also environmentally sound, relying on renewable energy where possible and local produce and resources. On this trip guests will spend three days at the best eco-lodge in Belize; Chan Chich which is in the private Gallon Jug reserve and the lodge is set in the grounds of an ancient Mayan plaza. The thatched cabins and full design of the lodge is to be sensitive to the fragile flora and fauna in the park. Belcampo Lodge at Punta Gorda is almost completely self-sustained thanks to their organic gardens. The lodge is set in a tropical rainforest and local guides take guests on nature walks to learn about the flora and fauna here, as well as bird watching tours and visits to Mayan sites.

- For each of our Latin America trips sold, we donate money to a wildlife project in Costa Rica. Our environmental charity in Costa Rica is Kids Saving the Rainforest (, which rescues and rehabilitates injured and orphaned animals.


- Our guides are locals, which helps us support and sustain the local economy through tourism in a long-term way. It also gives our clients a more authentic experience of a destination and a chance to meet local people, aiding their knowledge of the place and culture. This understanding is key for people to get the most out of a trip and to firm up relationships between locals and tourists.

-Throughout their stay in Belize, our guests have meals arranged for them in local restaurants and cafes to ensure they experience the local culture and cuisine. They are also provided with a list of local restaurants and cafes for their free time, as well as a list of local shops selling local artisan handcrafts and often not-for-profit organisations are included that they can support.

- The guests partake in various activities with local guides including snorkelling, diving, horse riding, rafting, nature walks and diving which supports the local guides and ensures their money is going into the local community.

- The hotels and lodges we use are staffed by locals, which follows on from our own policy of only using local guides. This serves to empower the community and create long-term, stable and well-paid jobs. Many of the staff at Chan Chich eco-lodge have worked there for decades and know every detail of the surrounding nature and wildlife and take guests on nature walks to educate them about the area. Belcampo Lodge in Punta Gorda is in a remote area and tourists bring in money to this area that is off the beaten track. The lodge organises tours with local guides including nature walks, cave trips, snorkelling, visits to Mayan sites and live music performed by locals.

- For each of our Latin America trips sold, we donate money to a school charity based in Ecuador. Our school charity in Ecuador is the Condor Trust (, which helps encourage low-income families to send their children to school. The funds provide uniforms, school materials and books for the children.

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