The Pantanal and Amazon tour in Brazil

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Responsible tourism

Responsible tourism: The Pantanal and Amazon tour in Brazil


Our wildlife safari will see you visit two protected regions of great natural beauty: the Pantanal Wetlands and the Amazon Rainforest. These are areas of staggering natural beauty and ecological value, the Amazon Rainforest alone housing one tenth of the world's recorded plant and animal species (and many, we can assume, that have not yet been recorded!) Such regions of environmental value are in large part dependent on the revenues generated by tourism for their preservation, meaning your visit will play a small but real role in helping to sustain these areas and the wildlife that depend on them.

During your safari, there are strict rules to follow in terms of how you approach the environment and behave within the national parks. We’ll issue guidance in advance of your safari, but the most important advice will come from the guides and rangers who will introduce you to these environments once you’re inside the park boundaries. It is important that you follow their advice, and avoid disturbing the wildlife or in any way damaging the natural environment. Provided you approach it in this way, a wildlife safari can be a truly rewarding experience which really benefits the environment.

As much as possible during your tour we use low-impact accommodation. Within the national parks you will stay in small-scale, eco-friendly lodges such as Barranco Alto Eco-Lodge, which is set on a private ranch that is also the site of a number of conservation-related activities and research projects in association with universities such as Stanford.

Carbon offsetting – We provide a monthly donation to the Carbon Neutral fund to partially offset the emissions generated by our travel business.


On all our wildlife tours we aim to use safari lodges that recruit staff and guides directly from within their local communities, so as to ensure that tourism has a positive impact on those immediately affected by it.

The safari lodges we recommend in the Pantanal, Araras Ecolodge and Barranco Alto, were chosen in part because they are closely involved with their local communities. Araras, for instance, employs all of its staff from the nearest town, Pocone. The Pantanal’s indigenous communities have traditionally been itinerant and dependent on the natural environment. Recent years have naturally seen settlement in towns. Tourism helps provide a source of income to these communities and an alternative to industry.

The lodge we promote in the Amazon Rainforest, Cristalino Lodge, is associated with the Cristalino Foundation, whose initiatives focus on environmental education, human development, and on creating economic alternatives for the local population that also preserve the environment.

The money generated by your tour – through entrance fees, nights spent at locally-owned accommodation, tour guide fees and your patronage of local shops, businesses and restaurants – will also help to support the communities you visit.

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