Knight Inlet grizzly bear watching in Canada

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Responsible tourism: Knight Inlet grizzly bear watching in Canada


Your bear-viewing tour takes place in Knight Inlet, British Columbia, a globally important refuge for North American wildlife. This is a region of stunning natural beauty and great ecological value, which serves as a home for a number of endangered species, limited not just to grizzly bears but also peregrine falcons, monarch butterfly, orca whale, and more. In total, there are 1900 species in British Columbia that are considered rare or endangered, and many of these occur in the region of Knight Inlet.

Increasingly, such areas of natural beauty are dependent at least in part on the funds generated by eco-tourism to protect them from the encroaching demands of industry. In the case of Knight Inlet, the funds generated by visits for purposes of tourism help protect this region of stunning natural beauty, with the relevant permit and B.C. backcountry fees included as part of your tour contributing directly to conservation efforts.

Knight Inlet Lodge, where you stay for the duration of your tour, is a founding member of the Commercial Bear Viewing Association of B.C. The association has played a leading role in the Stop the Hunt Campaign, which, with the support of leading biologists, has sought to see the trophy hunting of grizzly bears banned in British Columbia.

Knight Inlet employs experienced guides and conservationists who will ensure you approach the environment in a way that respects and preserves it. This means keeping to designated trails, following the park guidelines, and not interfering with the wildlife.

Carbon offsetting We provide a monthly donation to the Carbon Neutral fund to partially offset the emissions generated by our business.


Knight Inlet, British Columbia, has a fascinating but also contested history. Rich in natural resources, the region has been the subject of rival claims by coastal First Nation peoples, colonial adventurers, trappers, fishers, loggers and prospectors, all of whom have shaped the landscape, in good and bad ways. More recently, the area has been claimed for eco-tourism, which has sought to preserve the landscape so far as possible in its natural state.

In this context, eco-tourism has the benefit of helping to protect the environment, but it has to do so by working hand in hand with local industries and communities. To facilitate eco-tourism in the region of Knight Inlet, the area has been made into a Special Management Zone, preventing hunting and managing where industry and fishing can take place. This has ensured that Knight Inlet has remained a protected environment while local interests are still broadly protected.

Knight Inlet Lodge operates in areas that are economically important to First Nations and industries such as logging and commercial fisheries. As a result they strive hard to be good corporate citizens and to work cooperatively with these industries and with First Nations.

Included in your tour costs is the First Nations User Fee which helps to support the First Nations communities living in the region of British Columbia.

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