White Lion safari vacation, South Africa

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Responsible tourism

Responsible tourism: White Lion safari vacation, South Africa


Our white lion safari takes place in Pumba Game Reserve. A private game reserve, Pumba is involved in a number of animal conservation initiatives, chief among them the White Lion introduction programme.

White Lion Programme: As the home to the second known wild, self-sustainable population of White Lion in South Africa, Pumba Reserve takes seriously its duty to preserve the environment the lions depend on and to protect the population from threats such as poaching and disease. While Pumba’s pride of White Lion is free-ranging and self-sustaining, the Lion are closely monitored by the reserve to ensure their well-being.

Leopard Monitoring Programme: Pumba Reserve has also been involved in rehabilitating leopard, many of them previously removed from areas after being categorised as a problem. A healthy population of wild leopard have now found a more suitable habitat in Pumba Reserve.

Private game reserves such as Pumba are dependent on the revenues generated by tourism for their preservation, meaning your visit will play a small but real role in helping to sustain this unique region of the Eastern Cape and the wildlife that depends on it.

Carbon offsetting – We provide a monthly donation to the Carbon Neutral fund to partially offset the emissions generated by our business.


The White Lion Safari will see you visit South Africa's Eastern Cape Province. The Eastern Cape is South Africa's poorest province, despite being among its largest in population, with the second lowest Human Development Index of the nine provinces.

Tourism can have a genuinely positive impact on regions of poverty such as South Africa's Eastern Cape, helping to create job opportunities in the hospitality and conservation sectors, and providing an income to local businesses and accommodation.

Pumba specifically has given support to a number of local schemes in order to ensure that as a reserve it has a positive impact on the community around it, for instance cooperating with 'Working for Water' towards restoring the watershed of the area, as Pumba Private Game Reserve forms the main catchment of the Cariega River which is an important source of water for various communities in the Eastern Cape.

The money generated by your tour – through entrance fees, nights spent at locally-staffed accommodation, tour guide fees and your patronage of local shops and businesses (such as coffee houses and restaurants) – will also help to support the communities you visit.

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