Bulgaria active vacation, Rhodophe mountains

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Responsible tourism

Responsible tourism: Bulgaria active vacation, Rhodophe mountains


We explore Bulgaria's mountain ranges, their beauty and rural communities on bike, foot and horseback rather than by vehicle to ensure that greenhouse gas emission are reduced by not using a engine driven vehicle, reduce wildlife disturbance by avoiding noise polluting transportation, plus, avoid habitat destruction by using less impactful forms of transport.

Our guides and partners ensure that travelers remain on dedicated hiking paths to avoid habitat destruction, plus, educates visitors on the need to take their own waste away with them and recycle where possible. We raise awareness to tourists of the continual threat to the mountain landscapes from the illegal development of tourism in national parks, nearby ski resorts, and encourage alternative more sensitive forms of tourism for local communities to choose.

Our suppliers and guesthouses use local organic produce from nearby farmers to reduce greenhouses gas emissions by reducing transportation miles by vehicle, plus, avoiding the use of pesticides which pollute local water sources.


We visit rural communities in the Rhodope mountains to ensure ecotourism, a new model of tourism, is developed in Bulgaria. We visit a historically abandoned village, Khosrov, which is being revived and architectually restored through income generated by tourists staying overnight and exploring the surrounding landscapes on foot. The use of guesthouses instead of hotels ensures that local families can benefit by gaining income through the provision of tourism services.

Local guides are used to lead groups safely through the Rhodope Mountains to provide local knowledge and to ensure money is directed to the local economy as much as possible. Our local guides are trained as part of the Bulgarian Mountain Guide Association to ensure possibilities for skill training and recognised qualifications necessary for personal development and a professional service. We visit villages, including Gela village, to experience folklore music to ensure it is preserved by generating income for artists and dancers continuing the traditional practices.

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