Dance vacation in Slovenia

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Responsible tourism

Responsible tourism: Dance vacation in Slovenia


We are located 8km from Tolmin. The nearest village is called Hum.
Venue is in the private ground surrounded by nature, forest, meadows, spring water, waterfall, forest animals. In the ground we will build a camp where participants can set up their own tent and dancing floor is in the open on the meadow. There is a house in the property where we have a kitchen, showers, toilets and where you can charge your electronic devices.

We reduce the use of energy by setting up a campfire every evening and just by sleeping outside in tents instead of sleeping in a house.

Regarding the campfire we first consider:
-Is this an appropriate and safe environment to have a campfire? Is the local area very dry and therefore a fire risk?
-Is the fuel from a renewable resource or not? Wood collected should be dead and collected from the ground, not from living vegetation and remember that charcoal is unlikely to come from a sustainable source
-Cooking can be done more efficiently and quickly on gas camping stoves provided on the expedition vehicle
-Do not burn anything made of plastic as this can emit toxic fumes – this includes cigarette butts, bags and wrappers
-Bury the fire after it’s no longer wanted to ensure that it’s out and does not leave an unsightly blemish on the local area
-Do not leave any glass bottles or cans behind and pick up any other non-biodegradable objects such as cigarette butts and papers.
-We always assign one member of our team as a firekeeper to take care of the fire from beginning till the end

The land around our camp is well conserved and we encourage our guests to keep it that way, so no rubbish, no pollution.There is a river, so clean that you can still find crabs inside and we educate our guests to keep it that way.We also encourage guests to bathe in a river (without any soaps, only with clay). There is also a device for storing rain water in a property. The surrounding water in a river is so clean that it is drinkable.

We aim to leave only "footprints" wherever we camp and we:
-Try to avoid damaging the pristine environment
-Do not uproot plants or trees
-Carry all waste out – do not leave any plastics, cans, bottles, bottle tops or cigarette ends behind


Friends & Neighbours
As part of a program we take our guests to visit Babna Cave, the oldest pagan sanctuary in Slovenia. In 1920 it was the last pagan ceremony there. It is completely hidden and out of beaten tourist tracks and exceptionally powerful energetic place. We also ask our guests to leave no litter or graffiti behind and to only take photographs there as well as to not attempt to bring home any rocks or stones or other souvenirs of the location.

A fair deal
We offer local artists good working conditions, a fair wage, and empower them with training opportunities. They lead professional workshops and at the same time they are able to work and exchange with international artists to enrich their training and practice. Our chef of the kitchen is working with local operators and suppliers, sourcing food from locally-owned stores and cooking vegetarian meals for all our journey (to avoid wild animal eating) as well ask guests to not purchase deer meat from vendors as this can encourage the ongoing wild hunting in local areas of interest.
This journey (this time 3rd edition) employs 2 local dancers, 1 local musician and 2 local organization assistants to take care of the guests and environment and to support the temporary established community. We also take care to recycle cans, paper and plastics.

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