Autumn Northern Lights vacation in Norway, self drive

“This autumn aurora-hunting trip to Norway's Arctic north combines the cool city buzz of Tromsø with the tranquil traditional charms of hideaway coastal communities.”


Tromsø | guided Northern Lights forays | Senja | Sommarøy | Aurora photography tour | Optional: Northern Lights dinner cruise, Northern Lights husky ride, whale watching cruise and husky training

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Responsible tourism

Responsible tourism: Autumn Northern Lights vacation in Norway, self drive


The advantage of this self-drive trip is that vacationmakers visit a variety of destinations in Northern Norway. The Scandinavian countries are well-known for simple living and living with an understanding and respect for the environment – whether in the urban or rural environment. From lively Tromsø to quiet Sommarøy, we hope that clients will be inspired by the local love of the environment and apply it back home. What is also advantageous about this trip is that clients travel during the autumn, thus coming to appreciate Northern Norway’s natural splendour in a different season from the more typical choices of winter and summer.

When heading out to search for the Northern Lights, clients will be accompanied and led by experienced guides with a full awareness of the surrounding environment – whether on a minibus hunt, a photography tour, or at a Northern Lights camp. The extra activities which can be added to this vacation are also environmentally orientated. A Northern Lights husky hike takes participants on carefully selected trails and immerses them in an outdoor environment with natural partners – the enthusiastic huskies themselves! Whale watching is carried out by experts who carefully follow feeding cetaceans without disturbing them. It does much to increase visitor understanding of whales and dolphins, allowing them to be seen in their natural habitat, rather than artificial parks.


In traveling around different parts of Northern Norway, vacationmakers will meet with a variety of communities. They will support the urban community of Tromsø, which stands out as an intercultural hub in the Arctic. They will hugely benefit the fishing communities of Senja and Sommarøy, who are partly reliant on tourism as a source of finance – this enabling them to not only share their valuable produce with those from abroad, but also their unique culture and way of life, which has been maintained for centuries.

When heading out on Northern Lights hunting activities, clients will learn about the science and mythology of the Aurora, coming to appreciate why they are of such symbolic importance for the local community. We insist on working with local guides to ensure that an authentic sense of life in the country is shared with clients, and that financial benefit remains in the area. The extra activities which can be added to this vacation also build a sense of community – in particular, the Northern Lights husky hike and the Puppy Training session, which develops an appreciation for the local dogsledding industry.

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