Yukon northern lights vacation in Canada

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Responsible tourism

Responsible tourism: Yukon northern lights vacation in Canada


The Yukon Territory provides visitors with an outstanding outdoor environment. It is not simply a wonder of the natural world, but also preserves a rich human heritage – one that is intrinsically linked to that outdoor environment. This vacation has been put together to allow visitors to build a thorough appreciation for the Yukon environment while preserving it for future generations.

Activities like the husky and snowmobile safaris are carried out on selected routes which have been chosen not only for providing spectacular nature experiences but also because they allow enjoyable experiences without disrupting the surrounding environment. Clients can also take out snowshoes at the Sundog Retreat – these are to be used on designated trails which have been designed with the same aims in mind.

The husky activities suppliers for this trip adhere to special guidelines when taking care of their huskies – the first following “Mush with P.R.I.D.E” guidelines and the second having their own special set of guidelines. These are put in place to ensure the welfare of their huskies, and include everything from ensuring that the huskies have a healthy and suitable diet, to having the huskies rest under sprinklers on hotter days to prevent any discomfort! Guides are also trained to stretch and massage the dogs, who are frequently checked by a veterinary expert.

The Dempster Highway tour is especially important, as it takes clients to prominent natural locations in the Yukon, with guides to share knowledge about the geology and ecology of the area. The awe-inspiring sight of the Tombstone Mountains alone is enough to instil an admiration for the Yukon environment and is a key part of this visit.

The secluded location of the Sundog Retreat provides the perfect location, complete with open skies, for viewing the Aurora Borealis. Coming to such a blissfully unpolluted environment – true wilderness – clients can build a true love for both the Northern Lights and the Canadian wilds. To live in their own cabin, much like the adventurers of old – albeit with more modern comforts – is an added bonus!


Throughout this vacation, local guides and experts are employed to carry out activities and excursions. The vast openness of the Yukon and the region’s profound cultural history must be properly represented to those who visit it, and this would not be possible without working with those who live in the area. Through them, clients can develop a genuine understanding of and appreciation for the Yukon. Working with local guides and experts also ensures that the area’s tourism industry directly benefits.

The same can be said of working with local accommodation providers, rather than chain hotels. The homely intimacy of places like the Sundog Retreat and the Aurora Inn provides an authentically Canadian welcome and simultaneously ensures financial benefit for the local business.

A highlight in the itinerary is the visit to Dawson City. This town – for the place became a town after a great drop in population at the close of the Klondike Gold Rush – maintains its explorer heritage and is especially reliant on the tourism industry as a lifeline. The benefit is actually twofold and two-way – clients do not simply benefit the local economy of present-day Dawson City, but they also learn about its history, as taught on the town tour.

Husky safaris provide an active experience of community culture, showcasing the bond between humans and canines. Long before fuel-powered machines, husky sledding was an essential means of getting around in this part of the world, and the husky safari – though carried out for recreational purposes – forms a connection with that important past.

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