Buddhist Pilgrimage trek to Pemako, India

£3475 excluding flights
26 Days
Small group
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Price includes all accommodation, meals, bottled water, transportation, permit, services of a tour leader and porters .
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Description of Buddhist Pilgrimage trek to Pemako, India

Price information

£3475 excluding flights
Price includes all accommodation, meals, bottled water, transportation, permit, services of a tour leader and porters .
No local payments.
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Responsible Travel

As the pioneers of responsible tourism, we've screened this (and every) vacation so that you can travel knowing it will help support the places and people that you visit, and the planet. Read how below.


As a tour and travel organisation we realise that rampant tourism can also be a burden on the environment. We therefore, strive to reduce any negative impact to the best possible extent.

We operate small groups so that the impact on the environment in the places that we visit is minimum. Our guests are advised about the use of electricity and water, which is scarce is some of the areas that we visit.

We are aware that we operate tours in a region where the indigenous tribes depend immensely on its environment for sustenance. The local people have their way of conserving the forests and hunting is a way of life for some of the tribes here.

The entire region is rich in wildlife and also endangered species of plants and orchids. During the tour our expert guides educate the guests about these aspects so that care is taken not to disturb any form of life.

In spite of the existence of several forest laws and regulations the forest cover of the region is fast depleting to logging, deforestation and plundering by the insurgents. Flood causes severe damage to ecology, environment and hundreds of wildlife including the one horned rhinos perish in the annual floods in the region. The river island 'Majuli' is losing several hectares of land to Brahmaputra every year, thus the very existence of the island is under threat.

We use small vehicles accommodating 4-5 passengers in a trip. We use our own cars or hired cars that conform to emission standards and are regularly checked both for carbon emissions.

For our wildlife tours we have wildlife experts, who are themselves involved in conservation efforts. Hence, while our clients’ visit to the wildlife parks brings a positive economic benefit by way of entrance fees paid, our guides adhere to a number of strict guidelines not to in anyway disturb the delicate natural environments with safety of the clients being paramount.


North East India, is located in one corner and attached to the rest of India by a narrow 20 km wide land passage and shares a border area of over 2000 km with neighbouring countries Bhutan, China, Myanmar and Bangladesh. The region is known to be one of the most ethnically and linguistically diverse regions of South Asia- with each of the states having its distinct cultures and traditions. Since time immemorial, the region has been the assembly point of a myriad of communities, faiths and cultures. It is home to more than 220 different tribes speaking a wide range of languages.

Our efforts are directed at developing positive attitudes between the tourists and the hosts by learning about the cultures and traditions of each other, reducing negative perceptions and stereotypes, developing pride, appreciation, understanding and respect and tolerance for each other’s culture. The locals are educated about what to expect with the arrival of tourists, while taking care that it is not at all intrusive and only where the locals agree to participate. Likewise, tourists are briefed about the people and local cultures and traditions. This in a way also helps preserve the local traditions and handicrafts, which would over a period of time be extinct.

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