Mexico sea kayaking vacation in Baja

A thrilling yet curiously relaxing expedition around a remote island off Mexico’s Baja Peninsula. Spend your days kayaking, hiking to dramatic canyons and watching the sun set from isolated bays.
Mexico City Teotihuacan Pyramids Baja California Peninsula Five days kayaking around Espíritu Santo Island Snorkel with sea lions
£1910 excluding flights
11 days
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Description of Mexico sea kayaking vacation in Baja

Mexico’s Baja California Peninsula is a 1,200km strip of desert that creeps along the Pacific coast. This eight-day kayaking expedition takes you right around the rugged coastline of Espíritu Santo Island, tucked into a bay on the peninsula’s southeastern side, camping out on powder-white sandy beaches each night. After a training session in how to paddle and safely exit your kayak, you’ll head out across the turquoise waters, kayaking for around two to three hours at a time before pulling in to secluded, rocky bays to enjoy freshly prepared meals (all food is included), with cocktails at sundown.

There is time to explore the island’s wild interior, too – particularly on windy days when kayaking would be tough. Hike across the desert landscape bathed under a blue sky – it almost never rains here. Head out with your guide to explore the scrubby woodland and rust-red canyons, as well as the mangroves that shelter the island’s coastline. This Mexico sea kayaking vacation in Baja is a true adventure, in which you’ll learn a new skill, discover unique ecosystems and make new friends as you lose track of all time paddling rhythmically through the azure waves of the Gulf of California.

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£1910 excluding flights
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Travel guides

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Responsible Travel

As the pioneers of responsible tourism, we've screened this (and every) vacation so that you can travel knowing it will help support the places and people that you visit, and the planet. Read how below.


As a company we love Latin America and strive to protect the rural and urban landscapes which we take you to visit. We work with local operators which have a proven record in training guides to set a good example in their respect for their surroundings and pass on advice and encouragement to visitors on how to preserve the fragile environment in simple ways, such as by refilling a water bottle, disposing of rubbish responsibly, not disturbing local communities or wildlife and not purchasing items made from endangered animals or plants. When selecting accommodation, we give preference to hotels, lodges and cruise vessels which have a verifiable commitment to eco-friendly practices.

As the name of this vacation suggests, the main form of accommodation is camping: low-impact accommodation such as this ensures that you will have little negative effect on the local environment and, with well-trained guides alongside you who will advise on waste management,
you can be certain that the natural surroundings will not be damaged by your visit. In addition to this, the majority of your vacation will see you traveling around by kayak. This low-carbon mode of transport leaves little to no negative impact and will allow you to see beautiful, little-visited spots safe in the knowledge that you are doing them no harm.

Our partners on the ground in Mexico are staunchly committed to protecting and conserving the environment that their business depends upon. As a member of the Adventure Travel Trade Association, they are committed to the core values and principles of this organisation which include reducing the carbon footprint of their trips and demonstrate effective sustainable management. They support environmental agencies and from time to time they will work with local schools to teach the future generation about outdoor ethics and the importance of preserving the local environment.


In addition to their commitment to the environment, our suppliers are dedicated to their local community. Having lived and worked in the area for years they have a knowledge of the region and its people that is unrivalled. They strive for 100% local employment: boat drivers, cooks, maintenance, guides, office staff and management all live in La Paz or a nearby town. By choosing this tour you will be supporting the effort to provide jobs and opportunities for the people of the area you are visiting. And once in these jobs, employees are encouraged to continue learning and training, an aspect which enhances both your experience as a tourist and their experience as a valued member of a caring team.

This commitment to local people extends beyond employees and, where possible, supplies for your trip are purchased from local shops in La Paz. As well as this, our partners recycle anything that is recyclable and trade with local businesses for homemade food, exchanging items for traditional dishes such as tamales, tortas and ceviche.

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