Canada wilderness break, Northern Edge of Algonquin

“A tailor made, three day winter wilderness experience in the heart of Algonquin Provincial Park, with lots of snowy activities. Stay in beautiful wilderness lodge. ”


Algonquin Provincial Park | Snowshoeing | Cross country skiing | Kick sledding | Ice skating | Wilderness cabin accommodation

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Responsible tourism

Responsible tourism: Canada wilderness break, Northern Edge of Algonquin


The Edge was designed from the ground up to be Algonquin Park, and even Canadaís, most sustainable and environmentally sound place to travel. Recognised as a GreenLeader, the lodge's operations, facilities and staff aim to prove to the world that responsible travel experiences which honour our connection with the earth, local communities, local food producers can be economically viable while being vital to the health and well-being of people across the world. Northern Edge at Algonquin Park is an oasis from this hyper-connected world.

Previous guests have appreciated the efforts at being a low carbon, sustainable, eco-friendly, responsible provider of Algonquin Park retreats and adventures. Guests are invited to live closer to and respect a peaceful harmony with the natural world. A break at the lodge could include guests turning solar panels to face the sun at different times of day, practice no-trace camping hiking and paddling in Algonquin Park and participation in a comprehensive recycling program

Guests will enjoy hot showers and energy efficient lights powered by the sun shining on the 26 solar panels producing 2.8 kW of power. Composting toilets are located across the Edge.

Stay in a century old log cabin, recycled and rebuilt here at Algonquin Park. Walk on our boardwalk made of 100 % recycled plastic.


Northern Edge values the opportunity to give back to the land and local communities, and being able to hear the stories of where the spaces, meals, and resources come from. That is why every experience at the Edge offers guests a taste of place by highlighting food and drink that is produced in the neighbourhood. Northern Edge Algonquin is proud to source products and activities from local suppliers, including local farm produce, chemical-free speciality soap infused with forest scents and craft beer and coffees.

The lodge also provides a lot of its own local flavour: When guests taste maple syrup in their food, there is a good chance it was boiled down on sight at the Edge. Fresh herbs and vegetables are grown on-site, the lodge's owner designs and builds the comfortable spaces, and they even have their own bee hives!

More than that, it means connecting with the people who live and work in this region at the Edge of Algonquin Park. Whether itís meeting a local singer-songwriter, sharing a therapeutic treatment or yoga session with our neighbourhood friends, tasting food grown by a local farmer or beer brewed by a local company, traveling into Algonquin Park with folks who call this area home, or sitting around the campfire to connect with the people and stories from the past and present; visitors to the Edge canít help but taste the northern life through local connections and meeting and sharing with folks who call this place home.

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