Wilderness activity and wildlife vacation in Ontario, Canada

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Responsible tourism

Responsible tourism: Wilderness activity and wildlife vacation in Ontario, Canada


Far removed from the developed world the lodge operates on a simple ethos that the pristine wilderness is the reason to visit this remote part of Canada. Wildlife is treated with respect and allowed to roam the vast wilderness as they have for centuries. Working with local First Nations guides has allowed the lodge to operate wildlife viewing programmes safely working around wildlife migratory patterns, daily routines and leaving no trace of human interaction. The local wildlife is as wild as anywhere in the world as there is such little human development in the area.

Miminiska Lodge embraces the physical, aesthetic and spiritual value of our vast Canadian wilderness and Boreal Forest. It's interaction with this land is both tender and compassionate, ensuring the territory, legends and lore remain intact. Spirits are refreshed and rejuvenated almost immediately when we experience true “nature in the raw.”

Food and drink is locally sourced, with speciality shore line lunches of freshly caught fish from the abundant lakes. Supply's are transported with guests from local suppliers that include craft beer and First Nation's communities.

The lodge recycles every possible waste item, composting waste food materials to be used in the garden areas and returning any non degradable materials to recycling centres away from the pristine wilderness. The use of traditional eco friendly cleaners-such as baking soda and vinegar- are promoted to minimise the use of unnecessary harsh chemicals. Locally produced cosmetics have been created with local firms and made available in each cabin.


The remote lodge supports local First Nation's communities, employing three generations of a family. First Nations culture is intrinsically linked to Miminiska and the surrounding area, having been cut off from the developed world until the middle of the 20th century. The lodge works with the local First Nations people to offer a full service lodge with cultural activities such as smudging ceremonies, admiring local craft, visiting cultural sights and learning about the local ways of life from those who have truly lived in the wilderness.

Working with the local First Nation's people has brought employment to the remote wilderness region where there was non before. The culture is passed down from generation to generation in the local First nations lands. Without the input and employment gained at the lodge this way of life may have disappeared. The collaboration between the First Nations people and Miminiska lodge has made this traditional way of life sustainable in modern times.

The lodge maintains the importance of using first nation community members from Miminiska to deliver the uniquely local experience. Certified canoeing guides are paired with first nations people for that authentic experience, with guests enjoying the stories and the life experiences they share. The owners also operate a fuel hauling business, working with communities. A plan is in place to create a healing centre at the lodge. It will be a land base healing program dealing with mental illness and next phase continuance of care for those who have fought addictions.

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