Grizzly bear and wildlife vacation in British Columbia, Canada

“A four day, tailor made trip in the Cariboo Mountains, British Columbia, bear watching with a celebrated ‘bear whisperer’. Oh yes. Stay in a remote lodge on the Quesnal River where life is as quiet as a whisper too.”


Bear watching in British Columbia | Cariboo Mountains | Stay in wilderness lodge | Grizzly bears | Moose | Caribou | Wolves | Cariboo River salmon run | Quesnel Lake

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This trip can be tailor made throughout the year to suit your requirements

Responsible tourism

Responsible tourism: Grizzly bear and wildlife vacation in British Columbia, Canada


A sense of stewardship and regard for the waters and lands and commitment to combining good management with maintenance and enhancement of the unique ecosystem and life it sustains with their “leave only footprints” philosophy ensures it will be maintained for future generations. A comprehensive knowledge of the geography of the land, wildlife, flora and fauna, and natural history of their area provides guests with a well rounded wilderness experience – an opportunity to simply enjoy and learn about the area.

Wildlife viewing can be done without disturbance to the animals or habitat. At times you will get up close and personal with some of the animals, particularly the grizzly bears that inhabit the Mitchell River area during the annual salmon run. Not to worry, the lodges hosts have years of experience with these bears. Gary has become known as “the Bear Whisperer™” because of his passion for the big bears and the knowledge of their habitat, habits, and body language and his understanding of their actions and reactions.

The lodges goal is to put people on the ground with the wildlife in the animal’s habitat to observe and let the animals be the educator creating a direct human/animal connection to nature. People learn how to be part of the forest engaging all their senses. It’s education by osmosis that creates lifetime memories and life changing moments.

Good eco-tourism practices through self education help make your trip more enjoyable and aids in the protection of the natural areas you venture into. During your trip maximise your positive impact.

Documenting your trip and your observations gives you a lifetime of memories and something to share with future generations. We always appreciate receiving copies of your pictures and stories, too. It creates a unique personal connection with you and helps us to make our trips and better, to recognise potential problems and lets us share your unique feelings and observations with others.


Family owned and operated,. the lodge created their business from a passion for the big bears and the outdoors. The hosts live at the lodge in Lively, BC, year round and employ locals to operate daily workings in the lodge.

Wildlife trips are operated by the lodge's Canadian host or local community guides familiar with the local wilderness. The lodge is renowned for its country style gourmet fare, homemade from locally sourced ingredients. Clients love the authentically Canadian hospitality and family oriented homey atmosphere that totally speaks relaxation for all visitors.

Awarded The Canadian Signature Experiences collection award the lodge offers an introduction to the best Canada – and Canadians – has to offer. It shows the world what Canada’s about and the experiences waiting for you. Total immersion and pure connection with nature puts you on the inside of the forest, seeing with the eyes of the forest. Become one with nature and the wild creatures.

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