Vietnam cultural 14 day tour

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Responsible tourism

Responsible tourism: Vietnam cultural 14 day tour


This 14 day cultural tour helps travelers to explore the natural environment through major World Heritage Sites such as Ha Long Bay, Hue and Hoi An and rural local life in the Mekong Delta. The tour is linked also to the particular interests of clients such as traditional calligraphy and the fusion of cultural history that Vietnam offers. A great example are the ancient “garden houses” of Hue. We avoid touristy tours and instead take you to places with a more authentic feel to enhance your travel experience. You will see how cultures, history, art and cuisine seamlessly link together for a society that depends entirely on the natural environment for water and crops and materials for life, buildings and heritage too.

We encourage travelers to take a small group to minimise the effect on the environment such as transport. This type of tour helps clients learn even more as you share and exchange questions and information whilst listening to guides in observing the rich culture and heritage of Vietnam. We use eco-friendly small boats. We also use only recyclable and bio-degradable bags rather than plastic. Mineral water bottles are glass, not plastic. We subscribes to KACNE which is the Association for Conservation of Nature and Environment.


We have close interaction with local communities, traditional artists, singers and musicians who value important cultural traditions handed down through generations. You will have the chance to chat with them and understand why retaining this culture is so important to quality of life in their own communities. You are also helping these talented people to maintain distinctive art forms to they can continue to generate a modest income and indulge their passion. This helps enrich a vibrant culture that can be handed on the next generation.

We also connect with small local business owners in the Mekong Delta to enable them to get in touch with tourists who can see the amazing displays of traditional handicrafts and buy items that help sustain the local way of life. We support charitable organizations such as orphanages and those looking after very poor or elderly people as many Western social structures simply do not exist in Vietnam. By booking a tour, you’ll help local people towards a better life. Education is a prime example and so is training for occupations such as traditional handicrafts. By doing this you will also support our local partners who contribute greatly to your travel experience.

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