Swedish Lapland new year vacation, northern lights and activities

“Experience New Year in northern Sweden amid breathtaking snow and ice vistas ripe for exploring - lit by the Northern Lights.”


Bothnian Bay | husky safari | Aurora Hideaway dinner | Northern Lights snowshoeing | Northern Lights sled hunt | Optional: hovercraft ride; snowmobiling; hot tub; sauna

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30 Dec 2021
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Responsible tourism

As the pioneers of responsible tourism, we screen every trip so you can travel knowing your vacation will help support conservation and local people.

This active and cultural trip to Luleċ aims to offer authentic nature experiences to areas of outstanding natural beauty that support conservation and create economic opportunities for the local society.

The locally owned hotel uses local and knowledgeable guides who strive to explain the science behind the ecosystem and the interaction between humans and its native flora and fauna. They operate a strict ‘leave no trace’ policy on all activities and ensure that when exploring by snowmobile or sled, that marked and maintained routes are followed to reduce the erosion of any native flora.

Strict activity restrictions are in place in order to protect the area from any degradation from excessive tourism. This sharing of knowledge ensures that each of our guests returns home with a greater understanding and respect for the stunning Lappish environment, having contributed to its preservation by adhering to the suggestions of the expert guides.

The Insightful and cultural activities included on this trip, such as ice fishing and the husky safari, are ideally suited to this remote wilderness terrain as they help to reduce the carbon footprint due to the limited use of cars for transfers etc. The dogs themselves are a traditional form of transport in these barren landscapes and therefore our suppliers make sure that they are well cared for in accordance with Swedish laws.

When the snowmobiles are in use, two people drive one snowmobile, limiting the number of harmful chemicals that would be emitted should each guest drive their own. Snowmobiles are a way of life for the local people as the road infrastructure is not extensive. All trails are well managed. The alternatives to snowmobiles would in most cases be large, off-road vehicles, that produce high levels of gas emissions.

The Impacts of this Trip

This vacation is based in locally owned and operated accommodation and focuses solely on the use of local guides and activity providers. Our suppliers are always extremely conscious that tourism spend should benefit the local community and in Luleċ, this is certainly the case. The local guides are sustained by the tourism industry and delight in offering an insight into the traditions of this region which in turn serve to preserve it for future generations. The growth in tourism in Swedish Lapland has allowed local people to create a successful living in their home region, without having to move to urban centers in search of work.

In terms of transport, the husky safari and snowmobile activities all introduce visitors to classic Nordic forms of transport. Humans and huskies have formed unique and heart-warming relationships which can be experienced during this thrilling activity. In addition to huskies, the snowmobile is also a traditional and convenient way for locals to travel. Such activities can only serve to extend your knowledge of the local customs and traditions unique to the Arctic.

The impressive hotel restaurant prides itself on using locally sourced produce which not only benefits the local community but also provides a unique culinary experience for the guests. The menu generally includes local dishes native to the region, created from sustainable ingredients such as fish, hunted meat and sweetened lingonberries.


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