Teach English to monks in Laos

“Spend between 2-24 weeks volunteering with one of two Buddhist temples in Luang Prabang. Work 3/4 hours a day, teaching young Buddhist monks aged 10-18. Stay in shared volunteer accommodation. ”


Volunteer with Buddhist monks in Laos | Luang Prabang | Mekong River | Buddhist temples | Volunteer accommodation in Luang Prabang | Lao cuisine

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Responsible tourism

Responsible tourism: Teach English to monks in Laos


All our programs have been designed to immerse you in a different culture, where you work and live with the local population. The programís aim is to make you grow as a person and benefit both yourself and the local people too.

Before the trip, we send out comprehensive briefing information, which includes a section on protecting the local environment. Most importantly, we advise participants to take care with water, which is scarce in many of our destinations. We recommend they avoid unnecessary washing which wastes water and using antibacterial hand gel where they can. We also inform them on how to dispose of waste properly, not to litter and, where possible, to avoid using plastic water bottles which are not easy to dispose of environmentally. Those going trekking are advised to keep to marked footpaths so as to prevent further foot-erosion of the landscape. Living in a UNESCO World Heritage site means that rules of environmentalism and preservation of the buildings are adhered and addressed which is informed to each volunteer.

Our company is environmentally aware which promotes and operates recycling and reusing of waste products. We also offset carbon emissions in our office (gas, electricity, business mileage) and encourage all participants to offset their flight emissions via a carbon offset scheme run in conjunction with Tree Aid.


Meeting local needs
This project allows monks living in some of the most rural and poorest neighborhoods in Luang Prabang to have access to English-speaking volunteers and learn from them. As well as improving the monkís knowledge of English, you will also contribute directly to the areaís economy. The volunteer scheme provides work for domestic staff at the accommodation. You will eat locally-sourced food and make use of shops and leisure facilities in the town. You will not be taking jobs away from local people. The project employs local staff where possible, but relies on volunteers to support them. The curfew in the town is met and understood by our company and is passed on to volunteers.

The teaching materials and notes which are made by volunteers are passed onto the next volunteer to ensure that work efficiency and proper teaching is done. This enables actual progress of what is taught rather than volunteers teaching the same thing over and over again.

All our volunteers are fully trained on arrival and will work in groups when teaching the monks so will never be left unsupervised. Volunteers must be at least 18 years of age. Volunteers are required to have a referee and a background check.

Cultural sensitivity
We emphasize the importance of showing respect for local people and their customs in our briefing material. Participants will work alongside permanent staff, forming close bonds and getting an insight into real life in Laos. Our policy is to send people to the developing world in small groups or individually. This minimizes the environmental and social impact that the participants have on the destination and helps them to integrate into the local community.

All of our participants receive comprehensive pre-departure briefing as well as training on arrival in Laos. This covers topics on how to be culturally sensitive, how to best look after the environment when in the country and how to stay safe as well as up to date information on the political situation. They are also briefed on how to dispose of waste properly and where possible, to avoid using plastic water bottles as these are not easy to dispose of environmentally.

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