Geneva to Mont Ventoux biking vacation, France

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Responsible tourism

Responsible tourism: Geneva to Mont Ventoux biking vacation, France


This is a small group tour with just you and your bike versus the Route des Grandes Alpes! This trip offers guests the opportunity to see some of Europe's most scenic mountain routes, it's diverse culture and environments along these famous roads. This tour will teach you about the beautiful scenery and every day you will be up with another famous “Col”. With the growing cyclist population, we cycle as a small group so as to avoid over congesting the roads and minimise our impact on the environment. It goes without saying that cycling is the most environmentally friendly way of experiencing these amazing mountains. Good, clean roads are both our places for working and relaxing, so we encourage our guests to look after the roads especially along this famous route – any waste that comes from us, is ours to recycle!

Rural roads also means many farmers and farmlands along the way. We all love local delicacies, but only if they have been ethically sourced. Supermarket visits are excluded, because the best and the most fresh meats, fruits and vegetables come from the neat little farms and local grocers along the way. And of course - the most vital thing to keep you going is water. During a hot day on the bike, you will consume a lot of water, but it is very crucial to not use plastic bottles. All our guest bicycles are equipped with reusable bottles and they just fill up in our support van. And if there is a chance and a safe place to drink - why not fill those bottles in the nearest creek?


Cycling and coffee go hand in hand. That’s why there is a coffee stop culture that can really help local small restaurant owners. In the summer heat a nice café with a deck is everything we could ask for! The French have their own coffee culture and traditions and like every part of cycling culture we try to get to know it and help our guests to experience it. There are quite a few differences and the locals that serve us the food and beverages are really kind to teach and tell us about them. We are glad to take any additional knowledge home with us!

It is not without the help of the locals that we know these roads so well! This part of Europe is so “dense” with cyclists and finding the right people to talk to is crucial for making a great trip. The first friendships we have formed are with our bicycle rentalists – a few great local people that we know personally and will help our guests experience the best of this trip by supplying us with their amazing local knowledge.

We strive to provide very personal accommodation to our guests, but that can only be done by selecting the finest locally owned bed & breakfast's. If the place is family owned - it's a real treat. Not only we are supporting local economy, but we are also getting to know more and more amazing people that live in or near the rural towns we pass by along the way. Guesthouse owners automatically become our guides, because they know the best places to have dinner or the best sights to see near by. If they offer any additional services, like city tours or transportation, we can gladly accept them.

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