Tuscany hiking vacation, 8 days

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Responsible tourism

Responsible tourism: Tuscany hiking vacation, 8 days


We travel with respect to the environment and are passionate about the local flora and fauna about which we impart our knowledge. We support local producers wherever we go and offer a variation of local produce for our different picnics. Where possible we visit local vineyards, take part in local fiestas and share their passion. We walk through the countryside pointing out stooks, local architecture and wildlife and try to keep our paths clear of rubbish. We are both counsellors in our local council in France and will always lobby against the disappearing of hedges and other threats to our community or any other we wander through such as massive high tension pylon lines or shale gas or wind turbines. The countryside is never safe. On a different level we will hand out one small bottle of water at the beginning of the vacation and encourage people to fill this bottle up as the days go by rather than replace the bottle with a new one. In terms of transport we also give train information to encourage people to arrive by train rather than by air. And of course we talk non-stop about the beauty of Slow Food and the small time producer as we meet many of these producers during our walks either by visiting their domains where we buy their products or at the local markets.


We are counsellors for our local village in France and help out at all the local fκtes. We source all things locally on all our walks whether in France, Spain, UK or Italy and aim to benefit the local communities in every way possible. We promote the small time producers encouraging others to buy from them as well as ourselves. We employ the services of a Master of Wine who talks with expertise and passion as she gets us to taste the local wines and explains where to find them abroad. 'Local' is our key word and our aim is to benefit in any way possible the communities through which we wander showing respect to their countryside, their people and their produce. We visit local vineyards, cemeteries with ancient Basque crosses and sculptured caves while we enhance awareness of the local history and culture. We recommend our small hotels, restaurants and producers to friends and strangers. One of the hotel owners will talk about local Basque culture. Our appreciation is shown in not only paying for the services but in including these people into our week and giving an extra tip at the end.

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