Valday Forest wilderness vacation in Russia

“A five day, tailor made vacation exploring the vast Valday forest, which is part of Valdaysky National Park, and just a few hours from Moscow. Stay on a rural farm near Bologoye, but explore the wilds by 4X4 or quad, with guides. ”


Moscow | Bologoye | Valdaysky National Park | Lake Valdayskoye | Sauna and banya | Winter and summer trips | Iversky Monastery | Quad bikes or snowmobile transportation | Farmhouse accommodation | Lake swimming/ice skating

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This trip can be tailor made throughout the year to suit your requirements

Responsible tourism

Responsible tourism: Valday Forest wilderness vacation in Russia


On our trips we take full responsibility in term of total respect of the nature, wildlife and local population. We want to show our guests the beauty of the destinations; preserving the integrity of the eco-system and giving economic opportunities to the local population. We contribute to preserving the nature, the historical and archeological sites and educating our guests on local habits and respect of the wildlife we may encounter.

• We collaborate with the local organizations as National Parks in order to have the maximum synergy in term of knowledge of local rules to respect the nature.

• The farmhouse has a long relationship and tradition with the local area. There are lands for growing crops and part of the fenced area it is cultivated as loom to be partly self-sufficient. This is the same for cattle, sheep and goats for milk and chickens for eggs. All the waste is reintroduced to the ecosystem, mixing it with ground in a dedicated area. No chemical products are used for fertilization of the land. Same for waste water that is collected in a septic tank. No waste water is released in the land. The water of the lake is pure. Only the non-recyclable waste as plastic is collected and brought to the county waste center for proper recycling. During the summer the broken trunks are collected from the territory, cut and brought to the farmhouse. The wood it is used for heating and the use of the sauna.The relationship with nature has a long tradition. People live at the farmhouse and do everything to keep the territory as it should be.

• We give priority to any form of traveling that reduce to minimum the use of cars, trucks and any other gasoline based form of transport. We usually propose two people per Quad to be more efficient.

• We prefer the use of accomodations that respects nature and have a responsible policy of management of waste.

• We respect the wildlife and, when necessary in remote locations, we practice fishing for only the days needs.

• We do not leave any non biological waste during traveling on ground and water paths and after camps.


We collaborate with the local organisation in order to get know our travelers about the culture and the habits of local populations. We inform about local initiatives in order to promote them to our travelers during their staying.

All travelers are pre-informed about the social and political situation of the destination: At arrival we make a brief with our guests informing about how we collaborate with the local population.
At the same time we inform how we move into their territory and live with them giving all suggestions on how to best integrate with their traditions and cultures.

We promote the scientific approach for the understanding of the environment and the population in full contact with it. We promote the collaboration between our guests and the local expert of the territory to identify specific aspects as the relationship with the nature and the integration with foreigner visitors.

Our local guides explain how the community are benefited by the developing of the local projects explaining how they are organised and how we monitor them.

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