Vietnam wildlife tour in Cuc Phong NP

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Responsible tourism

Responsible tourism: Vietnam wildlife tour in Cuc Phong NP


When we give the first orientation lecture at the time of arrival we request all our clients not to use plastic bottled water. Furthermore, through our leaders and literature we also encourage our clients to show kindness to the social sensitivities of the destinations. We will provide a small recycle bag throughout our trekking trips for all travelers so that they can place their personal rubbish and bring it to our guide for recycle processing.

When we visit National Park we inform each and every client in advance to wear earthen colour clothes, treat national parks as the learning centers and not a picnic site. We walk responsibly, minimizing soil erosion and disruption to animals. We use lesser known routes to halt over exploitation and damage.

In order to reduce vehicular traffic in the area, we prefer to pick up all visitors from the airports or train stations to the service the area then we will conduct our tour by foot walking or bicycling.

Accommodations through this trip are all local hotels run by small family businesses which benefit the community. Moreover, in National Parks, we will stay in bamboo bungalows inside the jungle and all our meals are cooked by locals with the local ingredients. We produce our own electricity and hot water through solar energy, we compost all the leftover from food which makes it a great fertilizer for our vegetable garden. Most of the food that people waste can be converted in good food for our pets or small animals in area.

Visiting Cuc Phuong National Park contributes to supporting wildlife protection efforts in Vietnam.The Endangered Primate Rescue Center (EPRC) of Park is a non-profit organization managed by Frankfurt Zoological Society. This center is also a component of the “Vietnam Primate Conservation Programme” set up by the Ministry of Forestry. Since its establishment in 1993, its has led important activities including a program to release captive animals back into the wild and nine species have been successfully bred in captivity.

The Cuc Phuong Turtle Conservation Center (TCC) established in 1998 by Fauna and Flora International, a British non-profit organization, is the flagship in Vietnam regarding turtle conservation efforts. More than 10 years ago, the center has been transferred to the park management which is leading a range of conservation activities including establishment of assurance populations for five priority species, raising awareness, training of enforcement officers, research, and building interest and expertise, particularly amongst students in research and conservation of Chelonians.


This is a small group tour and so numbers do not exceed 10, meaning that environments and the natural habitats and variety of species (endangered and otherwise) that we encounter are not seriously impacted by our stay. This group size enables us to travel smoothly and therefore to stay at a number of unique, lesser known campsites and one hotel that would not usually benefit from tourism commerce due to its limited size.

During the clients visit to the National Park, the clients have an opportunity to buy local handicrafts created by the local community at market stalls on the side of the road. Moreover, all guides are trained to assist clients in traveling with respect. In Cuc Phuong National park, we use the guides who are local to area. He is from a small village nearby there where you can have change to learn about day to day lives of villagers and turtle conservation in the area. This benefits the community through income from tourism and training of future generations to ensure this is sustainable.

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