Tibet culture tour & Everest base camp

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Responsible tourism

Responsible tourism: Tibet culture tour & Everest base camp


Our Tibetan partner and the guides we use have a deep respect for their environment. This has been developed into an official environmental policy that governs the operation of these programmes. They are led by a mountaineer who has climbed Mount Everest 4 times and many other mountains in China. He graduated from the Tibetan Mountaineering Guide School, where he studied for three years and participated in the National Mountaineer seminar at the Tibet Mountaineering Guide College. He has a unique respect for the landscapes, wildlife and environment, which translates into the operation and tours. The policy seeks to minimise the impact of visitors to the areas through limiting the use of vehicles as far as possible, removal of waste and any detrimental trace of the visit, recycling materials such as water bottles and protecting natural landscapes and wildlife. When camping we look for new sites that are off the usual track, but we ensure that we leave no trace of our visit. Our travelers can receive a Responsible Traveler Charter or Code of Conduct within their trip pack on request.


The guides are Tibetan Nationals who have a natural association with the local people and knowledge of their history, culture and lifestyle which they share with visitors. They are local experts and have developed good links with the local village communities and people in the villages and Mountains of Tibet. Your guide will be with you from the start of the tour to its end and will introduce you to local people where possible.

These experiences are designed to offer greater cross cultural understanding between the local culture and the visitor, by promoting genuine contact within an enjoyable vacation experience. We are working with our local partner to deliver a unique set of enjoyable and inspiring cultural insights for the visitor. We hope you will come home refreshed, inspired and with memories and a greater understanding of another culture that may even have an influence on your way of living back home.

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