Thar desert road tour in Rajashthan

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Responsible tourism

Responsible tourism: Thar desert road tour in Rajashthan


We use resorts/hotels which lay emphasis on water conservation including rain water harvesting. All guests are educated on ways to conserve water while traveling. Local initiatives of conserving water are encouraged including making use of check dams. Since in this case we are in the deserts we explain and show people how difficult its for the local community to get water so we must conserve and use water carefully. In Bikaner the tented accommodation has minimum use of water ie. water is supplied for a limited time.Tips to conserve water are given to guests like not wasting water during baths and other activites, drinking water is very scarce so we must use it intelligently and carefully. As well as helping to stem the issue of water shortages in India, we hope our guests will take away the values and lessons on water conservation back home with them.

The guests are prohibited from disturbing natural habitats and are encouraged not to buy souvenirs that have come from hunting or gaming. Respect the local customs regarding various animals and wildlife. We encourage afforestation among locals and involve the guests in spreading the message for protection of species whose number is limited. We take a pledge from the guests that during the drive they shall not harm or hurt any wild animal.


Friends and Neighbours
We recommend that the guests are guided by local people and feast on local cuisines prepared by the locals, stay at locally owned guest houses or tented accommodation. The vehicles and service back up crew used are taken on from the local area with which they ie is the crew are accustomed too so as to have a smooth interaction incase of any unforseen event. Also they have evening traditional dance and music by the local people.

Local Crafts and Culture
Encourage to shop local handicrafts, enjoy local folk lores and songs, visit historic forts, learn about local culture, custom and traditions.
We are using local dance troupes for an enjoyable evening with tourist.
Local rickshaw tours to nearby places of interest so that the livelihood of the small rickshaw pullers is retained and they do not have to go out of their homes in search of jobs. Since we shall be driving so enroute we shall have some predestined and some unplanned halts to see and understand the nature get the feel of the desert and place, that time also we shall having tea etc from small tea stall owners and also make tea with them.
We support the government shop in Jaipur which procures handicrafts from local artisans and weavers. We advise the clients to buy small souveniours or a piece of pure rajasthani outfit from government shops .
Thereby we distribute smiles and happiness, joy and twinkle to the community and to the guest too.

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