Catalonia cycling vacation

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Responsible tourism

Responsible tourism: Catalonia cycling vacation


We offer you a unique way to offset your carbon footprint by using pollution-free bicycles. Traveling by bike, you are no longer an observer — you are an active participant in the local environment and culture.

Traveling on small and quiet roads, this tour will allow riders to experience part of the rural countryside and ride through famous and less famous villages that beautifully illustrate the multi-faceted character of Catalonia.

During this tour, we encourage travelers to visit the natural parks “Dels Aiguamolls de l’Emporda” and “Cap de Creus” and we sensitize them to their fragile fauna and flora. We also invite them to discover the rare butterflies and birds from the Butterfly Empuria Brava park.

We recommend travel by train, a much more eco-friendly solution. To travel within Europe, we recommend taking trains over renting cars using or air transports. Trains are more energy-efficient and will minimize the CO2 emission per capita. When flying is required, we suggest using an airline that contributes to funds aimed at offsetting carbon emissions.

In cities, we recommend clients to use public transportation, or to walk or bike. City bike rentals are more and more widely available in big and medium-sized cities across Europe they are the best way to get around congested cities.


We promise a variety of locally produced and grown products will be accessible on our tours. During this trip you may get to experience the best of fine local produce such as traditional wines from the Alt Emporda county or anchovies from the local factories of Escalasuch. We also suggest restaurants that use local products such as fishes sold by fishermen from small coastal villages visited on the tour.

We promise to provide access to local arts and crafts and to give sponsors of the local economy the opportunity to display their goods to an international clientele. This tour will take riders to La Bisbal d’Empordà where we recommend them to buy ceramics from local producers as this town is one of the leading pottery centres in Catalonia.

We promise to support local and family-run hotels and restaurants. On this tour, guests will stay in two family-run farmhouses. One is only a few kilometers from the famous House-Museum Gala Dali Castle but we have carefully selected this property for being a genuine place with local charm run by people who have a passion for their region, culture, gastronomy, and historical heritage.

We promise to team up with a local bicycle renter in Girona. We value their expert work and most of our clients are renting bikes directly through them instead of bringing their own. This, of course, benefits the local economy.

We are based in France. This is where we live and work. Our office is located in the French Alps, just a stone’s throw from the Swiss border, and we ride the very same roads we recommend for our cycling vacations. As firm believers of sustainable development, we have established a friendly network of professionals, comprised mainly of local tour guides, small operators, and family-run agencies. Most of our people have created their own jobs/enterprises in order to live out their passion for the region and cultural heritage. All have extensive travel experience and have lived in various places before falling in love with the area they now call home. We promise that traveling with us guarantees you will be taken care of by dedicated professionals who chose to build their lives here.

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